Liliskins Free Skin and 5L$ Skin

This is the last week to pick up the Liliskins group gift for August! August’s birthstone is a uniquely colored lime green with a golden hue stone, the peridot.  It is one of very few gemstones that exist in only one color and is said to be associated with love, truth, faithfulness and loyalty.

Liliskins Ad - August - Peridot
Only available at Liliskins 105, 85, 21.

The color of this unique stone has been duplicated in the eye makeup of this month’s group gift.  It’s the highlight of this skin, being paired with softly glossed, natural lips and a dusting of freckles.  You can pick it up only during the month of August at the Liliskins in world store. The gift comes with all 7 skin tones, 2 cleavage options and 3 brow color choices.

There is also an exclusive skin available for just 5L$ as part of the Candy Girl Hunt going on now through September 15th. It’s not too hard to find, and there’s a hint giver if you need a little help. Here’s a picture of the skin:

Liliskins Ad - Candy Girl Hunt

Both skins are available only at Liliskins so come by and pick them up while you can.

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