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After months of very hard work, we are finally excited to announce that the FULL release of the JADE skin line is finally here! We wanted to create a skin line that is a bit different from PXL’s  previous skins, while maintaining the same level of detail and quality that PXL is known for. In order to achieve this goal, we have developed tons of options to suit your individual tastes. For this skin, we created several base layers for each of our 8 gorgeous skin tones (Pale, Natural, Sunkissed, Light Tan, Olive, Tan, Dark and Ebony) with a choice of 15 stunning lip colors that are embedded into the skin. This skin also comes with a choice of 2 levels of cheekbones shading and a freckles option, which are embedded into skin. JADE comes with tons of tattoo layers options too, so you have the freedom to easily mix and match make-ups (as well as other body enhancements) for the perfect look! These options include: 5 brow colors (tattoo), a brow eraser (tattoo), 3 lip glosses (tattoo), 3 mole options (tattoo), 3 cleavage options (tattoo and shirt layer), and a glove layer for prim nails. There are also 15 eye make-ups (tattoo) available (which include many new colors and styles) and they are sold separately for each skin tone for a very reasonable price. You can purchase all 15 eye make-ups or a single eye make-up, but you receive a major discount if you buy the whole eye pack. Just so you know, we have a full line of  appliers for Slink hands and feet in all tones! We also have appliers for Lola’s and Lush breasts for all tones too!

So, what are you waiting for? Please come down to [PXL Creations] and try on a demo!

We look forward to seeing you soon! Thank you for your continued support of PXL, it is much appreciated!

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Sincerely, Hart Larsson

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