How to Become a Designer

Thank you for your interest in becoming a designer with Skin Addiction. We are proud to be SL’s premier skin advertising group, in existence for over 10 years with a membership hovering around 9500 active members (every year we clean out inactive members).

Our mission is to provide a consolidated update group for skin designers, mesh body part creators and makeup/body mod creators, to advertise their new releases, sales, promotions and other information. Our aim is to provide the sources for the best skins in SL–those that do not use copied or otherwise illegal sources.

To become one of the exclusive designers who are a member of the Skin Addiction group, you have to agree to the following terms:

1. Read the rules.
2. A one-time application fee of 1000L paid to Voshie Paine. This covers management of the group, existence of the Skin Addiction parcel and is non-refundable;
3. A box of demo: skins/body part/cosmetics (titled: SA Designer App-YOUR STORE NAME), passed to Voshie Paine upon application including:
3a. A full perm copy of your logo
3b. A landmark to your store
4. One avatar name to be invited to the group for notices.
5. Email you would like to use for the Skin Addiction blog. You will be invited to post your information on our blog at, runs across several fashion feeds.
6. Only active designers allowed.  If found to have not produced any new releases in the last 6 months you will be removed from the designer line up and will have to reapply.  A hiatus status is allowed up to 3 months, where upon return you can establish status without re-applying.  Must communicate with Voshie Paine prior to hiatus.
7. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

To apply, please fill out the following form: Skin Addiction’s Designer Application

After we have reviewed your form and are accepted, you will be contacted with a welcome packet and group invite.

1. Two notices per week allowed.
2. Chat is not to be used for notices–only “blue screen” notices should be used.
3. Notices need to be about skins, makeups or new mesh body parts. We don’t accept advertisements for shapes, eyes, hair, clothing, etc. There are other groups for that.
4. We won’t accept designers who use “Business in a Box.”
5. If you use templates, they have to be modified enough to be considered original work. We do not discourage the use of templates but they must be only a basis for marketable skin content.
6. You must have the Skin Addiction group joiner prominently displayed in your store.
7. Our group must be displayed in your designated avatar’s profile. In other words, you must show that you belong!
8. Most importantly: if a DMCA has been filed against any of your work, you will be suspended until that DMCA is either resolved via a counterclaim (which you must prove has been filed) or a court action. OR, if you are filing a DMCA against another member of Skin Addiction, please notify Voshie Paine, in order to take the proper steps.

These are the rules regarding members and the chat group: Rules and Mission.

Disclaimer: Skin Addiction group, mods, and Voshie Paine are not responsible or liable for other people’s actions. We do our best in order to make this the best skin resource group possible. However if an issue arises with an existing member, steps will be taken to ensure what’s best for the group.

Skin Addiction