Rules and Mission

Our rules are the following:
1. No advertising or promoting skins in chat.
2. Please keep a pleasant tone to chat.
3. Discussion of other issues is allowed as long as we are not advertising non-approved designers and are keeping the tone pleasant. No posting of slurls in chat, if someone asks for the location please send them an LM or slurl in IM.

To explain our rules, you have to understand our mission: our mission is to provide a consolidated update group for skin designers to advertise their new releases, sales, promotions and other information. Our aim is to provide the sources for the best skins in SL–those that do not use copied or otherwise illegal sources. You can be sure if a notice goes out from a designer via Skin Addiction, that designers’ skins have been reviewed.

This is NOT a forum for providing an audience for generalized skin advertising in chat. That is why we say NO ADVERTISING in the group description. We do so in respect for the many skin designers who have joined this group to tell us about their new work and sales and have generously shared their work with us.

We love chat about skins; we love people sharing information. We do not love advertising in the chat about unknown skin makers. We do not love members disparaging our skin designers or any other content creators in this group.

If you find a new skin maker you would like people to know about, feel free to drop a notecard on Voshie Paine and she will be sure to check them out and contact them to see if they want to be part of this group. We LOVE new designers and want to help them get on their feet.

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  1. Hello!
    I’m looking for a skin designer who can take the ‘face’ that I’ve created in classic mode and refine it to look like the newest versions of SL skin.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated and cost is only a minor concern.
    Puma Kawanishi (SL name)


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