Weekly Roundup – February 6th through February 12th

Hello again, Skinnies! We’ve had a big week with tons of releases. So, scroll on down to feed your addiction!

New Releases:

WoW skins – released Cinthia (for Catwa) at Love Interruption Event, Faith (for Catwa) at The Chapter Four and Zaki (for Catwa) at Appliqué.

__wow-skins__-cinthia-catwa-bento-applier __wow-skins__-faith-bento-catwa-applier __wow-skins__-zaki-2016-catwa-appl

The Skinnery – released Zendaya (for Catwa) at Chapter Four, Sang Woo (for Catwa) at Collabor88, and Cristy (for Catwa) at Rewind 90’s.

32567596911_bfc705f6f3_o skinnery-sang-woo skinnery-cristy

E. Vary – released Leiza (for Lelutka) at anyBODY.


Soul – released Fakit (for Adam, Catwa, Genesis Lab, Omega, Signature) and Fala (for Catwa, Genesis Lab, Lelutka, and Omega) in snow at We Love Roleplay.

_soul_-gen2f-fala-se-snow _soul_-gen2m-fakit-se-snow

Lumae – released Aurora in Loved and Hexed (for Lelutka) at The Coven.

aurora-lelutka-hexed aurora-lelutka-loved

7 Deadly s[K]ins – released Zora (for Omega and Lelutka) at Fetish Fair. They also released Iclyn (for Lelutka and Omega) at Designer Circle.

vendor-poster-zora-omega vendor-poster-iclyn

Modulus – released Oskar (for Catwa) at The Crossroads, Sander (for Catwa) at The Men’s Dept.,Milo (for Catwa) at Ultra, and Damien and Emil (both for Catwa) at their main store location.

modulus-oskar-skin-promo-2 modulus-sander-skin-promo-1 modulus-milo-catwa-skin-promo-2 modulus-damien-skin-promo-1 modulus-emil-skin-promo-1

ItGirls – released Ash (for Catwa) at their main store location.


DeeTaleZ – released Magda (for Catwa) at their main store location.



Nivaro – released Skylar (for Signature) and Ford (for Catwa) at their main store location.

nivaro-skylar-signature-gianni-applier nivaro-ford-skin-catwas-bento-daniel-applier-advert

Birth – released Opal (for LAQ) at Gacha Garden,


Deesses Boutique – released Anita (for Catwa) at their main store location.


Glam Affair – released Camilla and Luminay (for Lelutka) at the Lelutka main store, Minerva (for Catwa) and Angelina (for Lelutka) at Collabor88, Kiko (for Catwa) at Gacha Garden, and Colette (for Catwa) at Enchantment.

glam-affair-carmilla-luminay glam-affair-collabor88-minerva glam-affair-collabor88-angelinaglam-affair-kiko-catwa-mesh-head-applier


Deluxe Body Factory – released Anouk (for Catwa) at Tw12ve.


Sales, Offers, and Group Gifts:

WoW skins – Valentine’s Day hunt with skin prizes at 20L. Look for the hearts.


7 Deadly s[K]ins – released a male group gift this month at their main store location. They also have a Valentine’s Advent running for the ladies. Details are in the promo.

shape-poster-ivar valentine-poster-2 vendor-poster-valentine-advent-nw

Mudskin – is have a 99L sale on all skins and skin appliers until the last day of February.

That’s the skinny, Skinnies! I hope you enjoyed this week’s weekly roundup. Don’t be afraid to try a new look and see yourself in a new way.

❤ (multi)Muse

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Camila skin, Stupid Cupid hunt gift!

Camila skin gift

Check out our gift for Stupid Cupid hunt. Catwa appliers with matching Maitreya and SLINK appliers plus a classic avatar skin as body base!
Teleport: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hidden%20Village/171/85/1142
Hint: “Wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home”

Stupid Cupid hunt

That Cupid, he’s so STUPID! Flying around, shooting arrows everywhere, flipping around making everyone dizzy, trailing little hearts wherever he goes. He’s trying to make love matches all across Second Life! He has no clue what he’s doing, going from store to store and shooting random things-he’s making a mess of the place, shooting anything he sees.

It’s time to stop cupid before he gets any more stupid! Find the arrows he’s left laying around Second Life for amazing gifts.

Come and hunt for that Stupid Cupid from 3rd to 28th February. Check out http://evilbunnyhunt.blogspot.com/ for hints, URL links and gift previews.



Hello, Skinnies! This week we have an extra long round-up for you, since the last post was early to accommodate Black Friday. I hope you found tons of deals to fill your skin closet (try not to imagine what a freakish horror show a skin closet would actually look like. eep!).

Please enjoy browsing all the latest skin releases at your leisure:

New Releases:

Insol – Released Sarah for Catwa at Tres Chic.


E. Vary – has three lovely new releases on their marketplace, Nadia, Shasha, and Carolina. They also have Mei at the Vogue Fair.  All skins include Catwa, Akeruka, and Omega appliers.

e-vary-nadia-skin-8-tones-_-fat-pack-v2-1 e-vary-sasha-skin-6-tones-_-fat-pack-v2-1 e-vary-carolina-skin-8-tones-_-fat-pack-v2-1 e-vary-mei-skin-8-tones-_-fat-pack-v2-1

Session – released Ella for Catwa heads at their main store location.


7 Deadly s{K}ins – released Raja with Omega and LAQ appliers at Lost & Found. They released Lexy with and without freckles in Omega and Catwa appliers at Twe12ve. Josie for Omega and LAQ is at Frozzen Fair.

AlterEgo – released Victoria for Omega appliers and Classic heads at their main store location.


Glam Affair – released three skins at Uber this round: Misha for Lelutka, Renee for Catwa, and Zuzia for LAQ. They also released Barbara Snow Days for Catwa at the Tannenbaum Christmas Market.

glam-affair-uber glam-affair-barbara-snow-days

Birth – released Winter for Catwa at their main store location.


Sales, Offers, and Group Gifts:

7 Deadly s{K}ins – has an advent calendar with a free gift each day of December. Group join is required. They are also a part of the KittyCats Advent Calendar for day 12. And are participating in the WOH.

vendor-poster-advent-candie 7-deadly-skins-woh2-exclusive-amina

WoW Skins – has Janette as a group gift which includes LAQ, Omega, and Catwa appliers, as well as a classic skin.


AlterEgo – is offering 12 days of Christmas for VIP members, and VIP membership is free until Dec. 19th! Don’t forget to take advantage of this amazing deal.


That’s the skinny, Skinnies. I hope you enjoyed this week’s roundup, and I hope you change your skins like you change your shoes.❤

❤ (multi)Muse

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Weekly Roundup – October 24th through October 30th

Hello again, Skinnies! We’ve got tons of new skin releases this week. Take a nice slow browse- stuff for the ladies and the menses, and some things not quite human or alive.

So, here’s the skinny:

Swallow – Released Mr. Skull for TMP heads at The Cosmopolitan Showroom.


WoW Skins – Released Leora for Akeruka heads at the Designer Circle and Jayma at their mainstore location. And don’t forget they still have Dama at The Boho Culture Fair, Samantha at their mainstore location,  Emily at The Swank Event and Tessa at The Chapter Four and Soraya, Nadine, and Lolly (their group gift) can all be picked up at their mainstore location.

__wow-skins__-leora-ak-applier __wow-skins__-jayma-2016

__wow-skins__-dama-catwa-applier-2016 __wow-skins__-samantha-catwa-applier __wow-skins__-emily-catwa-applier __wow-skins__-tessa-2016 __wow-skins__-lilac __wow-skins__-soraya-catwa-applier-2016 __wow-skins__-nadine-2016 __wow-skins__-lolly-2016-tan

DeeTaleZ – Released the lovely Gwendoline at Uber for all Catwa heads!


PXL – Released Sarah Lelutka appliers for The Candy Fair.


Joli – Has a very green Halloween skin gacha now at their mainstore location.


Dyversatile – released three new skins at their mainstore location: Brandi, Mian, and Dionne.

brandi-vendor mian-vendor dionne-tone-1

Essences – released Hope in a porcelain tone at The Freakshow Carnivale.


7 Deadly s{K}ins – Has three Halloween skins on special until November 1st: Melania, Maren, and Maeve. Crowley and Klaasje are being offered as October group gifts.

vendor-poster-melania-halloween vendor-poster-maren-halloween vendor-poster-maeve-halloween  crowley-promo-poster vendor-poster-october-gift-girls-klaasje

Glam Affair – released Glenny at Uber and Mina at Epiphany, both for Catwa heads.

glam-affair-glenny glam-affair-mina-epiphany

Adam n Eve – released Morgana at their mainstore location for Catwa heads.


Birth – released Emi Catwa appliers at The Gacha Garden and Willow Catwa appliers at The Epiphany. So, go try your luck!

_birth_-emi-catwa-applier-gacha-gardens-exclusive-makeups _birth_-epiphany-gacha-willow-catwa-applier

Nivaro – released Ash Tribal at The Gacha Garden. They also have Orion Aesthetic appliers at their mainstore location.

nivaro-ash-tribal-catwa-appliers-gacha-gardens nivaro-orion-aesthetic-smith-head-applier-advert

Avenge – Released Robert at Men Only Monthly. You can also pick up Jamal, Rebecca, and Bruce at their mainstore location. And don’t forget the group gift, Megan, at their mainstore.

robert-skin-applier jamal rebecca-skin Bruce skin applier for Catwa.pngavenge-megan-skin-applier-for-genesis-lab-mesh-head-maya

Those are all the fresh and terrifying faces for this week, addicts. I hope you enjoyed the update, and I’ll be back again next week for your skin shopping pleasure.

❤ (multi)Muse

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Skinnies! We have another weekly roundup for you to enjoy. Don’t forget that Skin Fair opens this week with early access for all Skin Addicts members. Enjoy a bit of lazy shopping before the event all right here.


Avenge – Released Ares appliers for both the TMP and the Adam head at their mainstore location. They also released Rhea for Catwa.

Avenge Ares TMP PROMO Avenge Ares Promo ADAM mesh head [Avenge] Catwa_Rhea_ivory_vendor

Soul – is offering Emmanuel and Emma Cypher at the Multiverse Event.

Soul - Emmanuel Cypher SE Soul - Emma Cypher SE

alterego – Released Lucine and Moxie at Whore Couture.

lucine pigment chart moxie pigment chart

Mudskin – Release Cutie and a new gacha skin at their mainstore location.

25408019936_62fb9d1d48_o 24891040433_1745654975_o

7 Deadly s{K}ins – has two March group gifts available Merle and Matt.They also released Julya at Designer Circle and Sascha at Makeover Room.

MERLE-def-POSTER Matt Poster Julya-for-MP Sascha-poster-DEF

Deesses Boutique – Released Ingrid as a Catwa applier at Whore Couture.

Deesses Boutique_ Ingrid ~CATWA~

Nivaro – Released Lucius at their new mainstore lcoation.

-Nivaro- Lucus [2nd Gen Skin] Advert

Ohh-la-licious – Released Giovanni and Shahira at their mainstore location.

Ooh-la-licious Giovanni Ad - Omega Mesh Head Appliers Ooh-la-licious Shahira - Godiva Omega Ad


…and that is the skinny, Skinnies!

Remember, you can get these notices in group and have access to one of the most helpful groups in SL and their knowledge base by joining the Skin Addiction group in world for free. https://app/group/254db099-7966-1350-5766-c977fb2da5b3/about

Have fun skinning!

<3 Muse


Hello, Skinnies! New week, new released to try an sate that shopping addiction of yours. Find all your new skin releases in one convenient location so you can be not just a shopaholic, but a lazy shopaholic. \o/


Pink Fuel – Released Dia Los Muertos skins at their mainstore location.

[Pink Fuel] Dia De Los Muertos Ad

7 Deadly s{K}ins – Released Vlinder with Catwa Omega appliers (there is even a drow version!) at their main store location.

Vlinder-box-1-poster Vlinder-Special-edition-DROW-poster

AlterEgo – Has a limited edition of Kiyomi at their mainstore location.

AlterEgo - Kiyomi Ash Tan Limited

WoW Skins – Released Nina as a Catwa applier and Diva as an Omega applier. They also Natasha as a group gift in store. They also have Sicilia, Anais, and Fatma appliers out for Catwa.

.__WoW Skins__. Nina Catwa Appl. .__WoW Skins__. Anais CATWA Applier .__WoW Skins__. Fatma CATWA Applier .__WoW Skins__. Natasha Tan GG October

.__WoW Skins__. OMEGA DIVA .__WoW Skins__. Sicilia Catwa applier 2

LoveMe Skins – Released Patricia at The Black Dot Project.

LoveMe Skins - Patricia Skin for The Black Dot Project

Fallen Gods – Released Infinity at their mainstore location.

Infinity +Fallen Gods Inc.

Lumae – Has two new group gifts out at their mainstore location. They have also released Niska in Varda tone with many makeups at their mainstore location.

Lumae - Death Becomes Her Lumae - Niska - Varda - Lady Death Lumae - Niska - Varda - Bathory

Style by Kira – Released Kellie at both a default skin and a Catwa applier at The Makeover Room.

Kellie Skin 02A Catwa Main Ad Kellie Skin 02A Classic Main Ad

Verve – Released Aggie as a Catwa at their mainstore location.

Verve Aggie Skin Applier for Catwa Jessica Head

Angelica – Released Doflie at The Kawaii Project.


Swallow – Released the Movie Witches Lelutka applier at Kustom9.

^^Swallow^^ Movie Witches Lelutka Applier


That is all your skin news for the week, addicts.

Remember, you can get these notices in group and have access to one of the most helpful groups in SL and their knowledge base by joining the Skin Addiction group in world for free. https://app/group/254db099-7966-1350-5766-c977fb2da5b3/about

Don’t forget! If you miss an opportunity to visit one of the events listed below, before they close, you can  stop by the main store locations to see if the releases will be an in store item afterwards.

See you here next week, same place. Happy shopping!

Muse <3



Weekly Roundup – Jul 3rd through Jul 9th

Hello Skinnies! Here are your new releases for July 3rd through July 9th. We’ve got some lovelies, some gifties, and some for those who are almost human.

Belleza – Released Eva in Sunkissed and Tan tonse for Fifty Linden Friday at the main store. No preview provided.

Deeses – Released Caitlin at The Showroom. They also released their Sonia skin at Fashiontropic.

Deesses - Caitlyn
Deesses Boutique - Sonia skin

Angelica – Released their Ai-Ling skin at Candy Fair.


Mudskin –  Released Reina, Ivy, and Mido with Lelutka appliers. Also! Versions of Reina, Mido, and Ivy are available at the mainstore in the Lucky Board.

Mudskin - Reina for Lelutka

Mudskin - Mido for Lelutka

Mudskin - Ivy for Lelutka

MUDSKIN - Reina - Lucky Board

MUDSKIN - Mido - Lucky Board

MUDSKIN - Ivy - Lucky Board

WoW Skins –  Released a new group giift Stella V2 for July.  Patrizia V2 was also released at Designer Circle. They also released Lagherta at the OLALA Event.

WoW Skins - Stella V2 - July Group Gift

WoW Skins - V2 Patrizia

WoW Skins - V2 Lagherta

Lumae – released skins Jewel and Adore in fantasy tones, Hecate and Nyx, at the mainstore.

Lumae - Adore - Hecate

Lumae - Jewel - Hecate

Lumae - Adore - NyxLumae - Jewel - Nyx

Style by Kira – has a free skin at the Flawless Cart Sale.

Style by Kira - Nessima Skin 03N
Fallen Gods – Releaed Death and Good Omens skins for both males and females at A Tattered Page.

About Death and Good OmensDeath +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Feminine
Death +Fallen Gods Inc.+ MasculineAlterEgo – Has a limited edition of Kensi available at their mainstore location. AlterEgo I Kensi Ash Tan - Limited Edition

That is all for this week. Have a lovely weekend and don’t forget yhour new face!


Round up, April 3rd through April 9th

Hello, skin addicts! I have another week of skins to feed your addiction from April 3rd through the 9th. Don’t forget! If you missed the release at an event, check the main store to see if the releases are there.

7 Deadly s{K}ins – David and Stefanie V1 and V2 are group gifts for Easter, but require you to go to the store and hatch an egg on a nest. Skins Damien, Faith, and Temperance originally released at Skin Fair are now at the main store. Elijah and Presley are available at The Rock Attitude Fair. There is a new limited release skin, only twenty will be sold, at the main store named Julian. Going Bust skin Cindy has been released. The fourth box of Elijah is now available in the main store. Bonniie was released at Designer Showcase. Marina has been released for a new round of [B]-Unique, which takes place at the main store. Gwen was released for Hello Tuesday! Robyn is at Feeb’s Rascals, Bregie is at Lubbly Jubblies, and Deanna at Room69.

David-easter-camp-posterHappy-Easter-Stefanie-v1Happy-Easter-Stefanie-v2-posterSTORE-POSTER-DAMIENFAITH-Store-Poster-CaramelTemperance-Store-PosterRock-Attitude-ELIJAH-posterRock-Attitude-Presley-posterJulian7 Deadly s{K}ins - Going-Bust-Cindy-POSTERElijah-box-4-FATPACK-posterElijah-BOX-4-cotton-posterElijah-BOX-4-caramel-posterElijah-BOX-4-taupe-posterElijah-BOX4-Walnut-posterDS-Bonnie-poster[B]-Unique-MarinaRoom-69-Gwen-PosterFeeb's-Robyn-PosterDS-DEANNA-poster

Bad@zz – Released new skin Game at their main store.

New Male Bad@zz skin _Game_

Dyversatile Skins – Released Chardae, limited to 100 copies, at their main store location.

Limited ChardaeLimited Chardae2Limited Chardae3Limited Chardae4

Mudskin – Released My Ugly Doll at The Chapter Four. Ria was released at the Cosmopolitan Showroom.

MY UGLY DOLL_ad2Ria_adRia_ad2Ria_makeup chart1Ria_makeup chart2



Belleza – Tess skin now available at the main store.  Photo unavailable.

Lumae – Jewel and Adore are now available at a discount at We ♥ RP this round. Different versions of Adore are now available at the mainstore, Big Boobie Babes Freebies, and FabFree HQ as gifts!

Lumae - Jewel - PriestessLumae - Jewel - Priestess Makeup OptionsLumae - Adore - PriestessLumae - Adore - Priestess Makeup OptionsLumae - Adore - Quirk Tone 1 & 5 Lumae GGLumae - Adore - Quirk Tone 2 & 6 BBBF GiftLumae - Adore - Quirk Tone 3 & 7 SLF&O GGLumae - Adore - Quirk Tone 4 & 8 FabFree GG


PXL Creations – Released Aurora at We ♥ RP.

[PXL] Aurora preview

LoveMe Skins – New group gift named Leslie for April at mainstore location. Exclusive skin, Dawn, released at the Makeover Room.

LoveMe Skins - April Group Gift - LeslieLoveMe Skins - Dawn Skin [MakeOver Room]

Nivaro – Released new skin Artie at the main store.

-Nivaro- Artie Advert

Ooh-la-licious – Released the Shahira collection at their main store.

Ooh-la-licious Shahira - Teaser AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Vanilla AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Peaches & Cream AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Honey AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Caramel AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Amaretto AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Mocha AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Cocoa AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Brown Sugar AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Chocolate AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Espresso AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Godiva AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Lip Gloss Options 1 - Sydd SinisterOoh-la-licious Shahira - Bare_Nude Lip Options - Sydd SinisterOoh-la-licious Shahira - Skin Tones 1 - Sydd SinisterOoh-la-licious Shahira - Skin Tones 2 - Sydd SinisterOoh-la-licious Shahira - Nadja Baxter Promo - #TheMeshProject 4Ooh-la-licious Shahira - Nadja Baxter Promo - #TheMeshProject 1Ooh-la-licious Shahira - Nadja Baxter Promo - #TheMeshProject 2Ooh-la-licious Shahira - Nadja Baxter Promo - #TheMeshProject 3


Ruby Skins – Released Phoebe at the Makeover Room. Photo unavailable.

AlterEgo – Released the Kensi collection at AnyBody.

[AE] Kensi Collection [Powder]


YS&YS – Released Edith and Viola at their new mainstore.


DeeTaleZ – Released Brianna at The 100 Block.


..and that is the round-up for this week.  Enjoy your weekend, wherever you may be, and happy skin shopping!








Round Up, Mar 27th to Apr 2nd

Hi skin lovers.  Let’s see what’s happened in the weeks Mar 27 to Apr 2. * If you miss an opportunity to visit one of the events listed below, before they close, don’t forget to stop by the main store locations to see if the releases will be an in store item afterwards.*

[ iren ] – New skin out now at The Makeover Room.
Jolie @ The Makeover Room

::Modish:: – New Zahra skin available now at the main store.
Zahra_skins out in store !

Belleza – Beth skin line now in a full release at the main store. See the picture preview HERE on their Flickr.

AKERUKA – Meg V3 now released in the main store.

meg v3 vendor

7 Deadly s{K}ins – New April group gifts out for guys and girls.

April-Group-guys-POSTER Group-Skin-GIRLS-april-2015-poster

The Skin You’re In! – Claire, Cloe, Emma and Heather released in the main store.  All with cleavage or no cleavage options.

TSYI! Claire St T1 TSYI! Cloe Cl T4 TSYI! Emma Cl T5 TSYI! Heather Cl T1

Lumae – Adore – Daydreamer skin available for Lazy Sunday.  Pick up Adore – Quirk as a group gift at the main store.  One for Lumae group members, for SLF&O group members and for Fabulously Free in SL group members.  You can also find one at the Big Boobie Babes HQ free for group members.  Eliana skin available through the Femboy hunt.

Lumae - Femboy Hunt Prize - Eliana -NebulaLumae - Adore - Daydreamer Lazy Sunday Lumae - Adore - Quirk Tone 1 & 5 Lumae GG Lumae - Adore - Quirk Tone 2 & 6 BBBF Gift Lumae - Adore - Quirk Tone 3 & 7 SLF&O GG Lumae - Adore - Quirk Tone 4 & 8 FabFree GG

Style by Kira – new Tibby skin available at the main store free for SLF&O group members.

Tibby Skin Ad SLF&O

Ooh-la-licious – New Shahira skin available in the main store.

Ooh-la-licious Shahira - Teaser Ad

LOUX – London limited edition skin released.

LOUX London limited - 499L

RUBY Skins – V3 Leah and Julia now out in the main store.  Phoebe skin released for The Makeover Room.

Julia3portrait Leah3portrait Phoebe3MORaprilVendor

LoveMe Skins – Dawn skin released at The Makeover Room.  Reagan, Ashley and Jessica now available at the main store.

LoveMe Skins - Dawn Skin [MakeOver Room] LoveMe SKins - Skin FairFlyer

.::WoW::. Skins – Pandora skin available at The Makeover Room.  Magda skin available at the Ohlala event. Mona skin available at the Designers Limited event.  Sidney skin available at the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair.  Zahra skin available for free through the Easter Egg hunt at the main store.

MonaPandora add magda skin add.__WoW Skins__. Sidney.__WoW Skins__. Zahra

Flounce – Scarlet, Mara and Sera available at the Makeover Room

Poster-Mara Poster-Scarlett Poster-Sera

Izzie’s – Romy skin now available in the main store and new group gift out now.

Izzie's - Romy Skin Izzie's - VIP Group Gift April 2015 (Romy Skin porcelain)

That’s it for this weeks round-up.  Enjoy your weekend, wherever you may be, and happy skin shopping.

<3 Rors

Round Up, Mar 6th to 19th


Hi skin lovers.  Let’s see what’s happened in the weeks Mar 6 to 19.  It’s a bit of a big post this week as we’re playing catch up on last week being missed, and it’s Skin Fair time of the year. * If you miss an opportunity to visit one of the events listed below, before they close, don’t forget to stop by the main store locations to see if the releases will be an in store item afterwards.*

[MUDSKIN] – New Blossom skin released in the gacha at the mainstore.  Late Bird skin is FREE at Kustom9 event.  Rose skin released at Skin Fair.  Madam A skin released at Cosmopolitan.

Blossom Blossom2 Late Bird Madam A Rose_ad1 Rose_ad2 Rose_ad3

Lumae – Fable released at We <3 Roleplay event. Odette skin released at the Fantasy Room event.  Eliana skin can be found in the mainstore for the Femboy Hunt.  Alaska Arcane available at Genre event.  Star Heartache skins available for group gifts still.  Jewel skin released at Skin Fair.

Lumae - Femboy Hunt Prize - Eliana -Nebula Lumae - Alaska - Arcane Genre Lumae - Star - Heartache - SLFAO Lumae - Star - Heartache - Lumae GG Lumae - Star - Heartache - FabFreeGGLumae - Fable - Envy Lumae - Odette - Eostre (The Fantasy Room) Lumae - We Love RP - MarchLumae - Jewel - Apricots SF Lumae - Jewel - Bare SF Lumae - Jewel - Ruby SF

ND/MD – Fay Nile skin released exclusive to Skin Fair.

ND_MD Fay nile - skin fair exclusive

LOUX – Livla skin released at Skin Fair.

- LOUX - Livla - 799L

EGOZY – Thaliah and Vilda skins released at Skin Fair

16461533050_8bc3a190c3_o 16577179339_ff8bbdddf4_o

Elysium – Anja skin released at Skin Fair.

elysium anja

La Petite Morte – Sadie and Maja skins released at Skin Fair.

LPM Maja Skin Fair LPM Sadie Skin Fair

NIVARO – Sven skin released in store.

-Nivaro- Sven Skin Advert

Izzie’s – Romy skin released at Skin Fair.

Izzie's - Romy Skin AD

Deesses – Nadine V2 and Stacey released at Skin Fair.

Deesses - Nadine v2 Deesses - Stacey

Oh-la-licious – Shahira skin released at Skin fair.  Mens skin, Giovanni, to be released at Mens Wear Fashion Week.

Ooh-la-licious Giovanni Ad - MWFW 2015 Ooh-la-licious Shahira - Peaches & Cream Ad Ooh-la-licious Shahira - Teaser Ad

LoveMe Skin – Brenda skin group gift available in store.  Reagan, Ashley and Jessica released at Skin Fair.

LoveMe Skins - Group Gift BrendaAd LoveMe SKins - Skin FairFlyer

Essences – Fortuna, Storm and Rain released at Skin Fair.

Skin Fair 2015 - PGP and Essences [ad]

[theSkinnery] – Julie skin released at Shiny Shabby event.  Cristy skin released at The Arcade.

[theSkinnery] Julie ad for Shiny Shabby [theSkinnery]-Cristy-demo-ad [theSkinnery]-Cristy-gatcha-key-1024

[ iren ] – Lolita, Galina and Kate skins released at Skin Fair.

Galina_vendor Kate_vendor lolita_vendor

MARIKO – Yunna, Mette and Daisy released instore.

daisy vendor mette vendor yunna vandor

Fallen Gods Inc. – Capt Nemo and Thalassa available for A Tattered Page event.

PREVIEW_ Captain Nemo & Thalassa +Fallen Gods Inc.

BIRTH – New skin Aria released in store.

_Birth_ Aria Skin Advert

JOLI – Female and Male group gifts out now in store.  New releases marked down for the month of march and limited editions Datura skins available.

__JOLI__ Datura Skin Alabaster __JOLI__ Datura Skin Vampire __JOLI__ March '14 Group Gift Female __JOLI__ March '14 Group Gift Male __JOLI__ March '14 Skin Bronze __JOLI__ March '14 Skin Pale

That’s it for this weeks round-up.  Enjoy your weekend, wherever you may be, and happy skin shopping.

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