Exodi Sylvan

This is Sylvan, the latest addition to Exodi’s skin collection. This skin will be released to the public on March 10 and will be available in 5 skintones.

Sylvan has 15 different make ups and various options such as dark, light and red eyebrows, freckles and cleavage options (all on the skin, so also for people who have not yet embraced 2.0 based viewers) as well as tattoo layer hair bases in above mentioned hair colors.

Taxi to Exodi’s new main location @ Exodi & Woe

Hair Whitney by Truth
Lingerie Alcine by Lovelace
Shoes basic pumps by fri.day

♥, Grazia

PS: please, always try a demo before deciding on a skin purchase. How a skin will look on you is highly depending on your shape and probably, will look different on you than on me.

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