League: Sia

Sia was released at League yesterday and has been very well received by fellow skin lovers! And with reason!

Sia comes in 7 skin tones and 16 make ups. Every make up has options for hairbase, freckles and cleavage. Sia is a natural brunette, but for the die hard blondes, Ms. Janus made a set of blonde brows and hairbase available on the tattoo layer.

Your taxi to League

Hair Krystal by Truth
Top Je t’aime by Indyra Originals
Panties Grace by Whippet & Buck
Flipflops by Surf Couture

♥, Grazia

PS: please, always try a demo before deciding on a skin purchase. How a skin will look on you is highly depending on your shape and probably, will look different on you than on me.

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