Chain and Vine: Lian

Hello dear readers of this wonderful blog!

I am so proud and happy to be an official blogger for this lovely project and I have to send a big thank you to Voshie for asking me to join. Some of you may already know me and my own style blog, but if you don’t, I’m pleased to meet you, hopefully you’ll like my posts 🙂


So let’s start with a new release coming somewhen in March and a special offer to get a sneak peek on a small part of it. I am talking about “Lian” by Chain and Vine owner Lyric Demina. She tested her new vendor system and as a result and a thank you, you can now buy 4 of the new skins until February 28th. Group members will only pay 75L, everybody else can buy them for 300L, what is still cheap considering you’re getting 4 skins.

Chain and Vine Lian

The box contains 4 out of 7 skintones showing a variety of the official release, like a busty option, different brow colors and of course makeups. When they will be released they will also contain a freckles option as a tattoo layer.

lilieskin001c Chain and Vine Lian
Tone 1, 3, 5 and 7

You really should take a look at them. To do so, visit Chain and Vine mainstore 🙂

eyes – smoothglow eyes – Ibanez
hair – novel – [elikatira]
lingerie – cutieh undie – Luck Inc.
pose – au soleil

Lilie <3

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