Chain and Vine: Lael

Hello again!

You may remember my last post here for Chain and Vine, and today I’m coming back to you with a lovely new skin by Lyric Demina: Lael.


It is a special edition skin for summer, what means it doesn’t come with the normal skintones Chain and Vine skins usually do. To make things more clear, let me quote Lyric herself: “The darkest tone of this skin is the darkest I think a person can be while still claiming to be blonde”. Therefor, it still comes in 7 tones, but they’re more tan than dark at the end (tone 1 = lightest, tone 7 = darkest). The one I’m showing you today is tone 5, an adorable tan tone. With one makeup it has been available as a groupgift recently.


In your box of skins you’ll get some extras: a shape, brow shaper and lashes. The skin itself comes in busty and natural version (you can see busty in the first, natural in the second pic). And then again with dark, light and red brows. Wearing tone 5 I’m always using the dark brow option. Beyond that the makeups feature muted and vivid eyeshadows for you to chose a colorful or more natural look and all of that is painted on the skins directly, so no need to wear a lot of tattoo layers.

chainvine-lael003 crabapple muted | dahlia vivid | jasmine vivid

chainvine-lael004 primrose muted | raintree muted | stargazer vivid

Last but not least I want to show you tone 2 with red brows, because those are a new feature in Chain and Vine skins and haven’t been available before Lael.

chainvine-lael005 raintree vivid

I recommend you to take a closer look at this fantastic skin!
Chain and Vine mainstore

eyes – smoothglow eyes – Ibanez
hair – comfort – [elikatira]
lingerie – doric bra and panties – Willow
pose – estetica

Lilie <3

Comfortable in My Skin Photo Contest

Comfortable in My Skin Photo Contest

Skin Addiction is hosting its very first photo contest in celebration of 3000 members and their new headquarters! The title of the contest is: “Comfortable in My Skin”, which may be interpreted however you wish, as long as the picture remains PG and you are wearing a skin (any skin) from one of Skin Addiction’s designers! Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The contest is open to anyone who is a member of the Second Life group, Skin Addiction. The contest runs May 4th through May 18th, with a party where winners will be announced on the 20th of May.

How to participate:

-Join inworld group Skin Addiction (MUST be a member)
-Take your photo wearing a skin from one of the group’s designers (new or old, doesn’t matter)
-Post picture to Flickr group “Skin Addiction (you must own the rights to the photo, or have permission by photographer to use in contest)
-Tag the photo “comfortableinmyskin contest” (if it’s not tagged properly it will be ineligible)
-State in the description of the photo what skin you are wearing and a working slurl to shop, as well as your full SL name

-Only 2 photos will be accepted (submit any more and we will consider only the first two).
-Photos MUST be PG–NO full nudity!
-The winning pictures, as well as a few others will be chosen to showcase in world at the Skin Addiction’s headquarters.
By submitting your photo to the contest, you are agreeing with these terms.

May 4th contest opens to submission
May 18th contest closes
May 20th winners announced at the opening party of Skin Addiction’s Headquarters


1st Place
Style by Kira-any 5 single skins
Idiosyncrasy-Fatpack of choice
Fhang Candy-never been released fatpack
Chain and Vine-one of a kind skin in 4 tones
Target-1 skin
Natural Beauty-one of kind skin in 3 tones
Filthy-1 male or female fatpack
Zanzo-400L voucher
!Imabee-2 skins of choice
League-5995L Gift Voucher
Blush Skins-2990L Gift Card
Skin Within-any 1, 6 skin set of choice
Re.Birth-Fatpack & 3 tattoo layer options+unique skin and shape
Pink Fuel-one of a kind custom makeup in any PF skin of choice
HD 3 skins
Grixdale-Fatpack & makeup of choice
ESUGA-1 skin
fashionably dead-fatpack
Jesylilo-3 skins
Dernier Cri
The Sea Hole-Fatpack of the Sea Hole Fascination skin & shape + 1000L
Lelutka-Fatpack of their choice with 1 set of lashes and 1 hair
Iren-3000L gift card
Glam Affair

2nd Place
Style by Kira-any 3 single skins
Idiosyncrasy-2 skins of choice
Zanzo-400L voucher
League-3995L Gift Voucher
Blush Skins-799L Gift Card
Re.birth-3 skins & 2 tattoo layer options
HD 3 skins
Cupcakes-3 skins
Grixdale-outfit & makeup of choice
Jesylilo-2 skins
Dernier Cri
The Sea Hole-500L gift card
Lelutka-4 skins of choice
Iren-1500L gift card
Glam Affair

3rd Place
Style by Kira-any single skin
Idiosyncrasy-1 skin of choice
Zanzo-400L voucher
League-1195L Gift Voucher
Blush Skins-499L Gift Card
Re.Birth-1 skin & 1 tattoo layer
HD 3 skins
Cupcakes-1 skin
grixdale-outfit of choice
Jesylilo-1 skin
Dernier Cri
The Sea Hole-500L gift card
Lelutka-1 skin of choice
Iren-500L gift card
Glam Affair

Comfortable in My Skin Photo Contest

SA Photo Contest

Skin Addiction is soon nearing 3000 members, and has a new headquarters! As a way to celebrate and decorate, we will be hosting a photo contest titled: “Comfortable in My Skin”. Already the prize list is staggering, so be sure to join in order to participate! More details involving this contest will be out this weekend.

Chain and Vine: Lian

Hello dear readers of this wonderful blog!

I am so proud and happy to be an official blogger for this lovely project and I have to send a big thank you to Voshie for asking me to join. Some of you may already know me and my own style blog, but if you don’t, I’m pleased to meet you, hopefully you’ll like my posts 🙂


So let’s start with a new release coming somewhen in March and a special offer to get a sneak peek on a small part of it. I am talking about “Lian” by Chain and Vine owner Lyric Demina. She tested her new vendor system and as a result and a thank you, you can now buy 4 of the new skins until February 28th. Group members will only pay 75L, everybody else can buy them for 300L, what is still cheap considering you’re getting 4 skins.

Chain and Vine Lian

The box contains 4 out of 7 skintones showing a variety of the official release, like a busty option, different brow colors and of course makeups. When they will be released they will also contain a freckles option as a tattoo layer.

lilieskin001c Chain and Vine Lian
Tone 1, 3, 5 and 7

You really should take a look at them. To do so, visit Chain and Vine mainstore 🙂

eyes – smoothglow eyes – Ibanez
hair – novel – [elikatira]
lingerie – cutieh undie – Luck Inc.
pose – au soleil

Lilie <3

Skin Addiction