Liliskins Candy Fair Skins, October Gift, and Dia de los Muertos Skins

Lots of fun things are happening at Liliskins! The first sweet thing is a batch of delicious skins for the 2013 Candy Fair. These are so delicious you just want to lick them! These skins will be available exclusively at the Liliskins Candy Fair booth until the Fair ends.  After that, they will be available in the store.  Currently, you can pick up the demos in the store if you’re unable to enter the Candy Fair sims!  Here they are in their edible yumminess!

Liliskins Ad - Candy Cane

Liliskins Ad - Candy Sprinkles

Liliskins Ad - Candy Corn

All three skins come with all 7 skin tones, 2 cleavage options (natural cleavage and enhanced cleavage), 3 brow color options, 5 modifiable brow shapers, and a modifiable shape that is pre-made in 3 of the most popular mesh body sizes – S, M and L. Liliskins is on Sim 3, which is Candy Cove. Here’s the SLURL to the cute little candy house where you can find these sweet skins: Candy Cove 183, 124, 21

Next is the October Gift. My mom was born in October and I’ve always been fascinated by October’s birthstone, the fiery Opal. There’s no way to perfectly capture the multicolored iridescence and sparkle of an opal, it just can’t be done. I’ve done my best though, and I love what came out of it!

Liliskins Ad - October Opal

I did take the colors from inside an opal, the blue, the green, the yellow, the hint of pink and the flashes of white and pulled them all together in the eye shadow. Like an opal, you won’t see them all at a glance, but once you start to look closer, you’ll see little bits of color here and there that you didn’t notice the first time. It’s truly one of my favorite skins thus far, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

As always, you can pick it up in the store for free, just remember to wear your Liliskins group tag. Group membership is free, so if you’re not a member already, it’s no cost to join!

Finally, some Dia de los Muertos. This skin means a lot to me, and I hope that you love it!  I did a lot of research of Dia de los Muertos, the traditions and the meanings before I made this skin.  I also did a lot of reading and research on Sugar Skulls as well, and learned a lot about the history and traditions and did my best to represent that history appropriately.  I present to you my two offerings for the Cirque du Freak hunt:

Liliskins Ad - Cirque du Freak

Liliskins Ad - Cirque du Freak Traditional

There are two versions, one with the traditional white face and one with the more modern natural face under the makeup. Both versions come with the rose headdress as well as a single hair rose to put in your hair, all 7 skin tones, and both natural and enhanced cleavage options for the whopping price of 5L$. There is a hint giver in the front of the store, and these are really easy to find. If you need help, ask me! These are only available at Liliskins, and will be out for the month of October so you still have a good bit of time to find them. Have fun!

Liliskins Free Skin for September

Available now is the free Liliskins September Group Gift! The birthstone for September happens to be my personal favorite stone, the sapphire. The deep blue color is rich and majestic, reminding me of the depths of the ocean and the calming sound of the sea.

Liliskins Ad - September - Sapphire

Only available at Liliskins 105, 85, 21.

September’s group gift illustrates the rich hue of the sapphire in the deep color of the eye shadow. It’s paired with an elegant swoop of eyeliner and a warm lip color. You can pick it up only during the month of September at the Liliskins in world store. The gift comes with all 7 skin tones, 2 cleavage options and 3 brow color choices.

Liliskins Free Skin and 5L$ Skin

This is the last week to pick up the Liliskins group gift for August! August’s birthstone is a uniquely colored lime green with a golden hue stone, the peridot.  It is one of very few gemstones that exist in only one color and is said to be associated with love, truth, faithfulness and loyalty.

Liliskins Ad - August - Peridot
Only available at Liliskins 105, 85, 21.

The color of this unique stone has been duplicated in the eye makeup of this month’s group gift.  It’s the highlight of this skin, being paired with softly glossed, natural lips and a dusting of freckles.  You can pick it up only during the month of August at the Liliskins in world store. The gift comes with all 7 skin tones, 2 cleavage options and 3 brow color choices.

There is also an exclusive skin available for just 5L$ as part of the Candy Girl Hunt going on now through September 15th. It’s not too hard to find, and there’s a hint giver if you need a little help. Here’s a picture of the skin:

Liliskins Ad - Candy Girl Hunt

Both skins are available only at Liliskins so come by and pick them up while you can.

Liliskins Free Skin & Gacha Lip Colors

Available now is the free Liliskins July Group Gift! July’s birthstone is the deep, entrancing ruby, full of mystery and intrigue.  You’ll find the same in the new Group Gift, Ruby.  You can pick it up only during the month of July at the Liliskins in world store. The gift comes with all 7 skin tones, 2 cleavage options and 3 brow color choices.

Liliskins Ad - July - Ruby

Gacha lipcolors now at Liliskins for just 25L$ a try! Leopard Spots and Tiger Stripes lip tattoos that you can wear with any skin. There are 9 colors in each collection, 3 rares, and every color has 4 gloss options just like the regular Liliskins lip colors; matte, soft shine, gloss and high gloss.

They are transferable so you can trade them with your friends! Collect them all!

Liliskins Ad - Lipcolor Leopards Gacha

Liliskins Ad - Lipcolor Tigers Gacha

Only available at Liliskins 105, 85, 21.

Lindley – La Petite Morte Group Gift


New VIP group gift from La Petite Morte. Lindley is available in 5 tones (goth, ultra pale, pale, medium, and tan). There is also a no eyebrow option and a cleavage option.


Additional Credits
Hair: Tendency (Color Pack 03) – Magika
Eyes: Light Sensitive (Ice) – Insufferable Dastard
Necklace: Pearl Necklace (Black) – Maxi Gossamer
Dress: Kat Mesh Dress (Seafoam) – Sn@tch
Shoes: Margot Ballet Slippers (Pearl) & Natural Bare Feet – Slink
Pose: Miseria

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