Skin Addiction Group is Opening up to Makeup Creators

When Skin Addiction first started, there was only one layer (the skin layer) for any options you wanted to include regarding makeup styles. Times have changed and the SL avatar has evolved. As a result Skin Addiction will now open up its designer status to makeup creators along with the already established skin and mesh body creators.

This invitation is to all makeup/body modification* (ie: scars/freckles/hairbases/etc). If you aren’t sure, feel free to contact me and ask.

*at this time: NO TATTOOS/EYES CREATORS (if you make other items that fit the criteria then you are welcome to apply, but it can’t be your only option… AND you are not allowed to advertise those releases within Skin Addiction)

What it means to be an approved designer:

*advertise all new releases, sales, and promos related to skins (appliers), makeup/body mods, and any mesh body parts inworld
*advertise on our dedicated website which is also forwarded to our FB page
*invited to participate in our annual Black Friday Sale, which is the biggest skin related sale in Second Life
*priority invitation to the yearly Skin Fair

At this time, (Nov 2019) the application fee has been waived, however, if you miss the promo, you will need to pay the 1000L fee.

To join click here

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