Round up, March 20th to 26th

Hello, skin addicts! I have another week of skins to feed your addiction from March 20th through the 26th. Don’t forget! If you missed the release at an event, check the main store to see if the releases are there.

7 Deadly s{K}ins – Damien, Faith and Temperance were released at The Skin Fair. Elijah skins have been released at the main store. A new round of [B] Unique started which means Raven is 150L at the main store. Gwen was released at the discount event, Room 69. Kiray released for Hello Tuesday on the Cosmopolitan Sim. Blossom has been released at Suicide Dollz. At Feeb’s Rascal, Robyn was released. And, finally, Bregie was released at Lubby Jubblies.


DeeTalez – Released the following skins at their main store: Doro, Daria, Djuna, Duska, Maxine, Luna, Megan, and Maarja. They also have a few limited edition skins left at their main store.

DoroDariaDjuna kDuska kMaxLunaMeganSkin MaarjaLE Skins Standard

La Petite Morte – Released Duchess at and both Sadie and Maja at The Skin Fair.

LPM DUCHESS ADLPM Sadie Skin FairLPM Maja Skin Fair

WoW Skins – Released Charlize at Fashion for Life; Ilenia at The Skin Fair; Olga, Serena, Foxy, Noelle, Elsa, Monica, Elisabeth, and Tilda at the main store; and Ivy at Designer Circle,

.__WoW Skins__. Charlize.__WoW Skins__. ILENIA.__WoW Skins__. Olga.__WoW Skins__. Serena.__WoW Skins__. Foxy.__WoW Skins__. Elsa.__WoW Skins__. Monica.__WoW Skins__. Elisabeth.__WoW Skins__. Tilda.__WoW Skins__. Ivy

Lumae – Released Jewel in Bare, Apricots and Ruby at The Skin Fair. They also released Fable in Envy at We ♥ RP. At the Fantasy Room, they released Odette in Eostre. For the Femboy Hunt (prize at main store), they released Eliana in Nebula. Also, three Star Heartache group gifts!

Lumae - Jewel - Bare SFLumae - Jewel - Apricots SFLumae - Jewel - Ruby SFLumae - Fable - EnvyLumae - Odette - Eostre (The Fantasy Room)Lumae - Femboy Hunt Prize - Eliana -NebulaLumae - Star - Heartache - FabFreeGGLumae - Star - Heartache - Lumae GGLumae - Star - Heartache - SLFAO

Pixystix – Is offering a gift at The Skin Fair.

[PS] Skin Fair Hera Wonder gift

Belleza – Released Jia at Uber. (No preview available).

..and that is the round-up for this week.  Enjoy your weekend, wherever you may be, and happy skin shopping!

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