Fallen Gods – Gods of Warfare

The artist Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods has a new line of human skins out: Gods of Warefare.
There are many options available: ANHUR, ARES, MAHER, RADEGAST, THOR,TOHIL and each of them have many face options, from makes-up to beards shapes and colors.
The eyebrows are tintable so you can match them to your hair. Also, each skin has bald and hair base option.

TOHIL +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Beard (hair base)

THOR +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Sigurd (hair base)

MAHER +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Goatee (hair base)

ARES +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Runner (hair base)

ARES +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Gore (hair base)

ANHUR +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Shaved (hair base)

ANHUR +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Corruption (hair base)

Other items displayed:
Shape: ELEMENTALS +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Guardian Male Shape
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Mahican Hair – Jet black
Outfit: ! RFyre Executioner Leather Black Mens
Boots: ED – Impact Boot – Male
Underwear: Avrele Spartacus Mens Armor: Practice loin cloth (part of the outfit)
Poses by Agapee and Del May

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