Birth – ‘Atlas’ Catwa & Omega Hairbase, SL17B Shop & Hop Event

@ MOM (Starts 20th) Ambiance Island/45/90/28

‘Atlas The Titan’ Unisex Hairbase

-Birth- 'Atlas' Catwa & Omega Hairbase Advert
Atlas – condemned to hold up the celestial heavens for eternity, holding the world on his vast
shoulders, an undeniable archetype etched in to this shortly cropped buzzcut.

3 versions, tintable to any colour.

Catwa & Omega Versions.


SL17B Shop & Hop Event
June 19 thru Sunday, July 12, 2020.

Birth - SL17Bday Sale 25% Off

A weekend sales event put on by the Lindens no less. Everything
setup has a 25% discount, including some folks favourite erotic animations, skins and Glimmer eye products.

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