-Birth- ‘Glimmer’ Custom Eyes System, ‘Arnie’ Catwa Appliers

@ Winter Fair (Starts 12th)
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Flair for Events/211/102/37

GLIMMER Custom Eye System

-Birth- 'Glimmer' Custom Eyes System Advert.jpg

Revolutionary new eye system.
Not only do these eyes GLIMMER, catch light in a variety of ways depending on the local inworld lighting,
they are also gloriously Customiseable!

Designed to twin with various texture packs changing iris, whites, pupils, animated texture overlay and more.

Already coming with some presets already :
3 Iris textures, 2 lens texture reflections, 1 effect texture, 3 pupil textures.

Previews –

Coming with a potent, fast acting easy to use hud there are so many things you can change with these eyes.


Change the materials – make them super shiny and reflecting or something more subtle.
Glossiness/ Environment settings sliders.
4 Material textures (including off).
Fullbright On/ Off


Save tinting preset colours.
Pupils – 3 textures, sharp to blurred detailed shape.
8 pupil sizes and off.


Change the opacity of the lens shadow (will make outsides of eyes catch less light though).
Highly customisable lens shadow – change height, width, position and rotation
to get the perfect shadow wrapped around your eye opening.

Reflection texture –
Turn on/ off, or increase decrease texture for more traditional looking eyes.
Aslo change position.


Change the opacity, glow and speed for the effect overlay.
With X1 and X2 for more speed or glow.
Turn off effect.

OMEGA/ BOM Support –

Eyes come pre-installed with omega eye scripts. Just buy router to activate and can then use the base eye layer.
[ found here <a href=”https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Omega-System-Kit-Just-Eyes-Customer-Edition/15405052″ rel=”noreferrer nofollow”>marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Omega-System-Kit-Just-Eyes-C…</a>
or cheaper in Omega inworld store]
Another version for BOM to use the base layer included.


Tinting – Tint the whites, iris, material or effect.


Super easy and quick to fit your eye size / head.


Click the Birth logo to minimise your Hud.
Also remembers your last used menu


There is more in the works for these eyes already being tested
and will be rolled out. Any suggestions, feedback, ideas etc
are all welcome. Notecard Silent Alchemi.
(Updates are given out via main ‘Custom Eye System Hud’.)

‘Shiver Texture Pack for Glimmer Eye System –

-Birth- 'Shiver' Eye Texture Pack for Glimmer Eyes.jpg


@ The Summoning (Starts 13th)
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sensual Desire/153/106/22

‘Winter Cheer’ Effect Pack for Birth Glimmer Eyes

-Birth- 'Winter Cheer' Effect Pack for Glimmer Eyes2

Super sparkly, seasonal and glamorous animated overlays for Birth Glimmer Eyes.
Thick flurries of snow, a spinning christmas tree hologram and a subtle spinning sparkle sphere.

Twinned with Birth Glimmer Eyes hud can make the effect speed up/ slow down, change opacity, tint,
increase glow.

@ Access (Starts 12th)


-Birth- 'Arnie' Catwa Applier Advert.jpg

Top quality mature man candy here.



– 4 Eyebrow Colours.
– Browless Option.
– 4 Beards in Tintable White
– Black, Blonde, Brown, Red Hairbase Colours.
– Tintable White Hairbase.
– ‘Off’ Buttons for Hairbase and Beards.
– Shape included (head in advert is Catwa’s ‘Daniel’, works for them all but the shape was made for that.) [Demo is no mod, full version is modify]
– 6 Tones in Fatpacks (Full Range).

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