-Birth- at Dark Style Fair

The Dark Style Fair (Starts 6th)

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Flair for Events/128/237/33

‘Creepy Animations’ Hud

-Birth- 'Creepy Animations & Effects' Advert.jpg

All manner of eerie, disturbing and animations and effects here.

Ever wanted to come rocking to a halloween party sporting the head spin

and or projectile vomit from the Exorcist? Course you have, and this

has three more evil effects ta boot.

Previews here –





5 styles of animations/ effects to give an abominal character

to any kind of halloween costume or beastly and terrifying


Exorcist Head Spin

Exorcist Vomit

Head Swirl

Neck Stretch

Crazy Tongue.

@ The Black Fair (Starts 5th)

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eclipse Cove/107/58/23

-Birth- 'Thumb Suck' Animation.jpg

Adorable and or sensual animation to suck one’s thumb.

60 hand positions.

9 Smaller thumb rotations for even more fidelity to match shapes.

3 mouth widths for different looks/ mesh heads.

See preview ‘Watch in Action’ under main advert, or

SNSFW previews here –


@ The Underdog (Starts 1st)


‘Jungle Magic’ Unisex Hairbase

-Birth- 'Jungle Magic' Catwa & Omega Hairbase Advert.jpg

Dense sprawling mayan artwork climbing from the base of the skull to the hairline.

With a totem sneaking in there visible amongst all the wild flora and fauna.

3 versions, tintable to any colour.

Catwa & Omega Versions

@ Level (Starts 30th)


‘Death Venom’ Unisex Hairbase

-Birth- 'Death Venom' Catwa & Omega Hairbase Advert.jpg

Suitable for the goths, dark, ominous and deadly. Swirling snakes and roses

curled inside a decomposed skull. Slashed lines on the sides and other variations.

3 versions, tintable to any colour.

Catwa & Omega Versions.

@ TMD (Starts 5th)


‘Gym Monster’ Unisex Hairbase

-Birth- 'Gym Monster' Catwa & Omega Hairbase Advert

No pain no gain! Muscle bound brick sh**houses and other such iron pumping junkies.

Lots of fitness themed art and stamps all ove rhte skull in this one.

3 versions, tintable to any colour.

Catwa & Omega Versions

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