-Birth- ‘Crow’ Scarification @ Ebento, ‘Shadow’ Lelutka Applier @ Access

@ Ebento

-Birth- 'Crow' Scarification Advert PG.jpg

‘Crow ‘ Scarification

Big crows over the chest with flocks of birds flying down the back and arms.

Even more hardcore than a tattoo. Skin is cut in artistic designs to then heal in raised scars!

Three opacities to experiment with. Omega appliers work with most bodies, you may need a router. They are grey appliers that are tintable to match any skin.


@ Access (Starts 12th)


-Birth- 'Shadow' Lelutka Appiler Advert

Like his name, dark and mysterious, bold and soulful.


– Shape included (head in advert is Lelutka’s ‘Guy’)
– 8 Beards in Tintable White
– 4 Eyebrow Colours.
– Browless Option.
– Black, Blonde, Brown, Red Hairbase Colours.
– Tintable White Hairbase.
– ‘Off’ Buttons for Hairbase and Beards.
– 9 Tones in Fatpacks (Full Range).

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