-Birth- Scarification Advert @FF19 & ‘Hades’ @ Mancave

(Starts 11am 18th April)

Tp to Birth’s stand here on the wonderfully ornate ‘Tensor’s Flying Market’ :
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tensors Flying Market/144/202/109

Literally my favourite event of the year, by far at that. Loads of incredibly designed fantasy
themed sims, chock full of awesome creators raising money for charity.

“Celebrating its eleventh year, Fantasy Faire 2019 is the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, role-players and performers in the virtual world. From Thursday, April 18 to Sunday May 5, treat yourself to shopping, dance and theater performances, DJ parties, auctions, questing, our Literary Festival, fantasy art, events and role-playing as thousands of Second Life residents and creators bring their own visions together to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer.”

Last year Year 10 – 2018: L$12,500,000 / $50,000 USD was made for a fantastic cause.

For more information go here:

This year we’ve made something special:



-Birth- 'Drums' Scarification Advert @ FF2019

Even more hardcore than a tattoo. Skin is cut in artistic designs to then heal in raised scars! This particular design rather ornate around the chest and arms.

There are three opacities to experiment with.
They are grey appliers that are tintable to match your skin.


-Birth- 'Tribal Arrow' Scarification Advert @FF19

A more fluid and striking array of geometric shapes going
from arm to arm with the chest and back in between.

-Birth- Scarification Advert @FF19 & ‘Hades’ @ Mancave

@ Mancave

-Birth- 'Hades' Aesthetic Applier Advert


God of the underworld with a face almost as hard as life down there. ‘Hades’ – strong
carved features go so well with the ripped athletic Niramtyh body.

These appliers come with various options:
– Blends in with the Aesthetic heads textures. (Simply click
hud and it blends in).
– 5 skin tones (Simply match your tone to the niramyth ones).
– 5 different beard styles.
– Highly detailed.

Tp to Birth’s stand here:

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