-Birth- ‘Bruce’ Catwa @ TMD, ‘Blood Splatter’ Catwa @ Swank,’Guyliner’ Catwa @ Seduction Faire

@ TMD, tp to the stall here:


-Birth- 'Bruce' Catwa Applier Advert.jpg

Chiseled, button nosed, angular cheek-boned Bruce. With an intense brow line for that smoldering look.

@ Swank
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Swank Events/245/138/23

-Birth- 'Blood Splatter' Catwa Applier Adverts

Is that your blood or someone elses?
Either way gents of SL can bloodied and war torn with these varied blood splatter appliers.

Appliers compatible with all Catwa heads.

@ Seduction Faire
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Petit Fleur/176/155/22

-Birth- 'Guyliner' Catwa Applier Adverts.jpg

‘Guyliner’ Catwa Appliers

Goths, the sultry, moody, mysterious, 6 eyeshadow/ liner styles.
Appliers compatible with all Catwa heads.


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