-Birth- Bliss Fantasy, Secret Collar, MOH/ WOH Hunt

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‘Bliss’ Fantasy APPLIERS

-Birth- Bliss Fantasy Appliers Advert

Subtly multi hued purple skin with two options. Green and blue markings, makeup, and eyebrows for a scrumptious magical skin.

Maitreya and Catwa for the head and body.

-Birth- 'Secret' Choker Collar, Bracelets, Anklets Advert PG

Secret Collar, Anklet, Bracelets.

Pretty and dainty jewellery or submissive wear.

Extensive Hud – textures, tint, resizing.
– 6 Metals (clasp and general)
– 12 Velvet
– 12 Satin
– 10 Gemstone Colours

Collar in two sizes, and scripted/ unscripted (decoration only) version for Open Collar Scripts.
Matching bracelets and anklets.

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MOH / WOH Hunt! (4th August)

August 4th to 18th, 2018

For this year’s awesome hunt we have some jewelery for both genders:

For the ladies, a rather luxiriously swirling curling collection of Laramar and silver earrings.

-Birth- 'Ornate' Earring Advert

For the gentleman, a chunk fantastical necklace, reptilian glowing scaled orb dangling over the heart. Of course would likely look as good on the women :).

-Birth- 'Prisoned Orb' Necklace AQUA

Free Gift for Men and Women!
Men’s Hint:
It’s so windy!

Women’s Hint:
Such a nice view.

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