*Birth* ‘Jordan’ Aesthetic Applier Advert



Dark ebony Jordan for the Niramyth ‘Smith’ head.
Strong and handsome.

The applier was tailor made to go with Niramyth’s
‘Smith’ head in their ‘Aesthetic’ mesh head and body range.

These appliers come with various options:
– Blends in with the Aesthetic heads textures. (Simply click
hud and it blends in).
– 2 skin tones (Simply match your tone to the niramyth ones).
– Clean shaven base face.
– 5 different beard styles.
– 3 styles of eyebrows, normal, two slashed.
– Highly detailed.

Tp to Birth’s new store:
*Birth* 'Jordan' Aesthetic Applier Adverthttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/DLicious/91/241/21

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