*Birth* Omega Body Appliers Advert

*Birth* Omega Body Appliers Advert.jpg

Just as handsome as the last appliers. These will work with any omega compatible mesh body, so
anyone not using the main players are free to explore what’s out there :).

– 9 Tones in Fatpacks (Full Range).
– 41 Bodyhair Buttons.
– 6 Chest Styles, 4 Leg Styles & No Hair.
– Black, Blonde, Brown, Red Bodyhair Colours.
– Tintable Bodyhair Hud
(Applies to Tattoo layer, 6 Chests, 4 Legs, ‘Off’ Button.
– 9 Tones of Fingernail and Toenails in All Packs.

Tp to Birth’s new store:

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