Deesses Boutique is presenting Cynthia skin

Cynthia is our 4th skin from the new-store opening. She is an non-celebrity inspired skin.

cynthia AD

Cynthia skin is available in new 10 tones, each tone have included after purchase 6 cleavage options + Slink hands & feet applier! Of course the shape and eyebrows are included also.

After purchase you will get only the bald version of the skin. The eyebrows are available for purchase separately. Every eyebrow color have included after purchase all the lights or dark matching tones ( they don’t work with another brand skins). Eyebrows are available in 4 colors ( brown, black, blonde & red)

We have also available for purchase 4 palettes of lipsticks. Each palette have included 5 colors. Each palette have included both lipsticks for light and dark skins.

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PS: We don’t have any update or appliers with the new body textures for the old skins, neither any of the old skins available at this moment!

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