!Imabee – Florentien Skin Line

!Imabee has some great news, the full skin line for Florentien has finally been released on the marketplace! Florentien is a gorgeous delicate skin which comes in three tones: Petal, Stem, and Stigma. I will be showing you the goodies this skin comes with in the Petal Tone.
It comes with 4 eyebrow colors. Dark, Medium, Red and Light Brow.
imabee eyebrows
It also comes with 4 eyeliner options. You get 3 black eyeliners and 1 white underliner.
imabee eyeliners
Plus you get 5 different shades of lipstick for this skin in all 3 skintones so that’s 15 lipsticks.
imabee makeup
Also included:
Slink Hands & Feet Appliers
Cleavage Enhancer (Tattoo & Undershirt Layer)

These are the other skin tones, Stem & Stigma.
!Imabee_ Stem - Florentien !Imabee_ Stigma - Florentien

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