Marcie avatar is extended – LOVIT Avatars

LOVIT has extended the Marcie Avatar kit with several additional makeups, about twenty skins, plus a new shape, eyes, and prim nipples.

Marcie already contains the LOVIT Extra Features package and is a premium avatar kit.

LOVIT FirstLook Extra Products Inventory
– Hairbases
– Prim Lashes
– Prim nipples
– Tattoo Lashes
– Prim Pubic Hair
– Tattoo Pubic Hair
– Tattoo Oil and Tan lines assortment
– Freckle options
– Extra Eyes
– Extra Brow Shapers
– LOVIT Pro Facelight
– LOVIT Pro Posestand
– Dimples tattoo
– Physics
– Red Bikini
– Leopard Bikini
– LOVIT Standard Hairsets ( hair… )
– Shopping Guides ( hair and eyes )

Marcie has three different looks
Marcie has three different looks

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