[PXL] The 7 Sins gacha skins

[PXL] Gacha 7 Sins Skins

We at PXL Creations are very excited to announce our latest release of gacha skins, called Seven Sins Skins!
There are a total of 7 gacha skins, which reflect the Seven Deadly Sins: Lust, Greed, Sloth, Envy, Pride, Wrath and Gluttony!

Gluttony and Lust (in the above picture) are our RARE gachas.

[PXL] Gacha - Seven Sins Skins
The gachas are 99L per play and you can find the Seven Sins Skins gachas (along with our previous gacha skins) in our Gacha Tent, which are located in PXL Mainstore. There is an additional Seven Sins Skins gacha machine in our VIP Room too. So, please feel free to come on down and try your luck! I truly hope you enjoy my skins as much as I enjoyed creating them.

*The skins are based on the Kate Natural skintone and are NoCopy, NoMod, Transfer.

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Hart Larsson



Eyes: [PXL] Eyes – Glow – GreyGold – Med

Hair: ::Exile:: Breathe Me:Marone

Lingerie: Izzie’s – Mademoiselle Bra & Panties – red

Ring: LaGyo_Cherub ring

Pose: *EverGlow* – Puff Prop (Pose modified with *ES* Posefi-X Hud)

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