Egoisme at Skin Addiction’s Skin Showcase

The Skin Addiction Skin Showcase will feature some of the finest skins on the grid for women AND men starting May 25 and going through June 10. I will be showing you the best of men’s skins at Skin Addiction.

Egoisme at Skin Addiction

In this set I am doing the slow reveal with this skin from Egoisme. The newest skin from Egoisme combines manliness from top to bottom with great touches like dimples, many tattoo options for mustaches, beards, etc., and a choice of body hair to turn your partner on.

Egoisme at Skin Addiction

When I strip my shirt off you can see the fine details of the skin, from the impeccable abs to the highly detailed arms.

Egoisme at Skin Addiction

Getting a little more intimate, you can see how Egoisme’s skins pay attention to every detail of the male body, including a well-draw and muscular back and gluteals with even the palms of the hands detailed.


The face is handsome with dimples and well groomed brows. A variety of facial hair pieces that can be worn on the tattoo layer (and a large group that can be tinted via SL tools so you can match them to your hair exactly). A set of the beards are exotically shaved to match tribal tattoos. And he includes teeth with several alpha layers that allow for mouth partings to show the teeth.

Egoisme at Skin Addiction

Hair: *Dura-Boy*24 (Black) from Dura

Skin: ALEJANDRO  Medium/Hair (Body Hair) from Egoisme

Shape: Evian -.Alejandro Shape from Egoisme

Add-on: Egoisme Addon Goatee4 Brown Bald from Egoisme

Clothes: Armidi – Casual Look / Gray from the Warehouse

Shoes: Shanghai – Black/Gray from Jeepers Creepers

Photos by Harper Beresford

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