Skin Addiction’s Skin Showcase Event

This year Skin Addiction will be hosting a skin showcase, May 25th-June 10th. In the past there have been skin fairs and expos,but with the amount of lag, I would like to try something different. Instead of each designer having a booth with a different amount of prims, EVERY designer will all have the same amount of prims. Also there will be no booths to add to the lag. Each designer will be invited to showcase a *NEW* and *EXCLUSIVE* skin for the event, after the event you will be free to release it in your shops. At the moment, the idea is for each designer to have 20 prims total. This is likely to change by the time things are more concrete, but please work within the 20 prim boundary. Remember, you will not have to think of decorating and such, only your product and vendor, as there will be no booths. Also demos will be made available through the Skin Addiction group, and marketplace. There will be a fee to participate but at the moment is unknown due to costs/expenses/participation are not firm yet.

If you would like to participate, please fill out this form.

When your application has been received and approved, an invite will be sent to join the vendor group for the event. You will also receive an invite as a designer to Skin Addiction so you may send demos and advertise to the group.

**if you are a Skin Addiction designer, you will be automatically approved, but please fill out the form for record keeping.


*Skins must be of your creation, no copybotted material will be accepted.
*Skins can be template based, however, over 50% of it must be your own work. (ie unrecognizable as a template skin)
*No scripts, some exceptions will be made (ex: scripted vendors), however for the event I would prefer no scripted vendors.
*Gifts will be accepted and encouraged in order to promote the event, but not discounted skins. This isn’t a sale event.

Any other questions, please direct them to me, Voshie Paine.

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