Adam ‘n Eve: Sakura and Dany

I wish I had more time to do bigger features about the skins that the designers in the Skin Addiction group release, but unfortunately, especially in these days of skin expo and the huge amount of new releases, I need to find a way to be time efficient and also I need to make choices about what to feature and what not or I would have no RL left.

Sakura is available in 4 skintones and a variety of options on the tattoo layer for lipsticks (4), eye shadows (6) , hair base black and matching mani/pedis on all useful layers as well as a cleavage option on the base skin.

Other need to knows: hair by Nylon Outfitters (including hairbase) gown by Nicky Ree, Hair Flower by AtomicBambi, eyes by Fashism and  earrings by League

Sakura is available at Adam ‘n Eve at the Skin Expo




And then there is Dany. While I chose to portray her as a lovely pale red head, The really special feature of Dany is that she is a natural very pale blonde with dito eyebrows!

Also available in 4 skintones, Dany has 4 eye shadow tattoo options as well as 6 lipsticks and matching mani/pedis.

Extra on Dany is a larger diversity on the hairbase/eyebrows/pubes options. The base skin comes with the very pale blonde brows, but aside from that there is  the choice from black, dark brown and red as well.

Other need to knows: Hair by Elikatira, eyes by Fashism, necklace by MOOD and top by AtomicBambi.

Dany is available  at Adam ‘n Eve at the Skin Expo

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