Weekly Roundup – Oct 17th through 23rd

Hello, Skinnies! Your weekly roundups are returning. This week we have some dude skins, some halloween skins, and some group gifts. So, don’t forget to get your teleporter out because I’m certain your inventory is too small.

Without further ado, here’s the skinny:

DeeTaleZ – released the loved Tulip skin at Trés Chic location for Catwa heads only.


Paper Rabbit – released willow in two candy colors at The Candy Fair and a Venom edition of Willow at The Kawaii Project. All of these skins have appliers for Catwa, Lelutka, and Omega enabled heads.

willow-bubblegum willow-nightelf venom

Insol – released Grace for Catwa heads at Trés Chic with a free mole applier.


7 Deadly Skins – Is offering Sid and Linda as discounted items for the weekend. Crowley and Klaasje are being offered as October group discounts.

sid-swank-november-poster 7-deadly-skins-linda-laq-_omega-appliers-pic crowley-promo-poster vendor-poster-october-gift-girls-klaasje

E. Vary – Is offering Lianna Skin for Catwa, Akeruka, and Omega at You.Gatcha.


Glam Affair – Released Nancy and Payne as Catwa in their mainstore location. They also released Alyx for Lelutka, Diann for the classic avatar, and Achlys for Logo/omega.

glam-affair-nancy glam-affair-payne glam-affair-alyx glam-affair-diann glam-affair-achlys

Modish – Released Bianca at their mainstore location.

Bianca skin for Catwa heads

alterego – has Aasling as their new group gift at their mainstore location. They have also released Aura at Haus of Swag Fair. They also released a Sugar Rush skin in Ivory at Candy Fair. At Bodyfy they have Audrey Suckerpunch in Porcelain. They have Audrey in Supernatural at the Premium Only Event. Aaaand finally they have Luna in Dark fantasy at We Love Roleplay.

alterego-i-aaisling-sunkissed alterego-i-aura-catwa-appliers alterego-i-sugar-rush-skin-ivory alterego-i-audrey-porcelain-suckerpunch alterego-i-audrey-supernatural alterego-i-luna-appliers-for-catwa-dark-fantasy

Deluxe Body Factory – Released Moroi at Twe12ve, Rain at anyBODY, Clara Mad Circus at The Mad Circus, and Tabitha at Kid to Kid.

dbf-moroi-skin-ad dbf-rain-skin-ad dbf-clara-mad-circus-skin-ad dbf-tabitha-skin-ad

WoW Skins – Released Dama at The Boho Culture Fair. They also have Samantha at their mainstore location. Emily can be picked up at The Swank Event and Tessa at The Chapter Four. Lilac is at Designer Showcase. Soraya, Nadine, and Lolly (their group gift) can all be picked up at their mainstore location.

__wow-skins__-dama-catwa-applier-2016 __wow-skins__-samantha-catwa-applier __wow-skins__-emily-catwa-applier __wow-skins__-tessa-2016 __wow-skins__-lilac __wow-skins__-soraya-catwa-applier-2016 __wow-skins__-nadine-2016 __wow-skins__-lolly-2016-tan

Nivaro – Has Orion for Aesthetic Head at their mainstore location.They released Ash for Catwa at The Men’s Department. You can also pick up the Norman Catwa applier for the Gacha Guardian event at their mainstore location.

nivaro-orion-aesthetic-smith-head-applier-advert nivaro-ash-catwa-applier-advert nivaro-gacha-guardians-norman-catwa-applier

Avenge – Released Robert at Men Only Monthly. You can also pick up Jamal, Rebecca, and Bruce at their mainstore location. You can also pick up the group gift, Megan, at their mainstore.

robert-skin-applier jamal rebecca-skin Bruce skin applier for Catwa.pngavenge-megan-skin-applier-for-genesis-lab-mesh-head-maya

Those are all the fresh faces for this week, addicts. I hope you enjoyed the update, and I’ll be back again next week for your skin shopping pleasure.

<3 (multi)Muse

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Hello, Skinnies! New week, new released to try an sate that shopping addiction of yours. Find all your new skin releases in one convenient location so you can be not just a shopaholic, but a lazy shopaholic. \o/


Pink Fuel – Released Dia Los Muertos skins at their mainstore location.

[Pink Fuel] Dia De Los Muertos Ad

7 Deadly s{K}ins – Released Vlinder with Catwa Omega appliers (there is even a drow version!) at their main store location.

Vlinder-box-1-poster Vlinder-Special-edition-DROW-poster

AlterEgo – Has a limited edition of Kiyomi at their mainstore location.

AlterEgo - Kiyomi Ash Tan Limited

WoW Skins – Released Nina as a Catwa applier and Diva as an Omega applier. They also Natasha as a group gift in store. They also have Sicilia, Anais, and Fatma appliers out for Catwa.

.__WoW Skins__. Nina Catwa Appl. .__WoW Skins__. Anais CATWA Applier .__WoW Skins__. Fatma CATWA Applier .__WoW Skins__. Natasha Tan GG October

.__WoW Skins__. OMEGA DIVA .__WoW Skins__. Sicilia Catwa applier 2

LoveMe Skins – Released Patricia at The Black Dot Project.

LoveMe Skins - Patricia Skin for The Black Dot Project

Fallen Gods – Released Infinity at their mainstore location.

Infinity +Fallen Gods Inc.

Lumae – Has two new group gifts out at their mainstore location. They have also released Niska in Varda tone with many makeups at their mainstore location.

Lumae - Death Becomes Her Lumae - Niska - Varda - Lady Death Lumae - Niska - Varda - Bathory

Style by Kira – Released Kellie at both a default skin and a Catwa applier at The Makeover Room.

Kellie Skin 02A Catwa Main Ad Kellie Skin 02A Classic Main Ad

Verve – Released Aggie as a Catwa at their mainstore location.

Verve Aggie Skin Applier for Catwa Jessica Head

Angelica – Released Doflie at The Kawaii Project.


Swallow – Released the Movie Witches Lelutka applier at Kustom9.

^^Swallow^^ Movie Witches Lelutka Applier


That is all your skin news for the week, addicts.

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Don’t forget! If you miss an opportunity to visit one of the events listed below, before they close, you can  stop by the main store locations to see if the releases will be an in store item afterwards.

See you here next week, same place. Happy shopping!

Muse <3




Happy um..Sunday, Skinnies! I’m getting later and later. Someone needs to micromanage me. I’m sorry for the delay but without further ado is your Skin Addiction Weekly Roundup,  keeping you lazy and skinned.

Ooh-la-licious – Released Candy Girl in twelves skin tones at The 24.

Ooh-la-licious Skins - Candy Girl Honey Ad

WoW Skins – Released Fatma V2 at their mainstore location and Diva V2 at The 24.

.__WoW Skins__. V2 Fatma .__WoW Skins__. V2 Diva

la petite morte – Released Lelutka and Genesis appliers for Maja at The Body Modification Expo.


Angelica – released Yoon-a at The Kawaii Project.


Deesses Boutique – Released limited edition Chyna at their mainstore location.

Deesses Boutique_ Chyna _LIMITED EDITION_ Skin

Mudskin – Released the Bambi gacha at Kustom9.


October’s 4Seasons – Released Alisha in Blossom at her mainstore location.

O4S - Alisha Blossom Advertisement

alterego – Released Lydia for the Saving Sight Fundraiser benefiting xJETx Chrome the owner of DeadPool.

[ae] lydia - vendor

Essences – Released Amelie at Cosmopolitan and the TMP head installer at The Body Modificaiton Expo, but the Amelie gacha at Cosmetic Fair. They also have released Ariel at Kustom9.

Essences - Amelie - Cosmopolitan Essences - Amelie (The Mesh Project) Essences - Ariel - Kustom9

Also, you can get these notices in group and have access to one of the most helpful groups in SL and their knowledge base by joining the Skin Addiction group in world for free. Skin Addiction

Don’t forget! If you miss an opportunity to visit one of the events listed below, before they close, you can  stop by the main store locations to see if the releases will be an in store item afterwards.

That is all for this week Skinnies! I’ll be here next week with more skin news.

Happy Skinning!

Muse <3

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