Weekly Roundup – March 6th through March 12th

Hello, Skinnies! There are so many skin releases this week due to SKIIIIIN FAAAAAIR. I know all the new skin releases are exciting and overwhelming. So, first, you must make sure to breath. In. Out. Nice and deep. Then get your credit card, or a friend’s credit card, the owner is inconsequential. Buy Lindens. So. Many. Lindens. Then by ALL the things.

You can get more information about Skin Fair here, including Maps, SLURLS, and a shopping guide.

Scroll on down for all the new things you need to make yourself beautiful. <3

New Releases:

WoW Skins – released Nesima and Sania (for Catwa) at Skin Fair and Guila (for Catwa) at MBA Bi-Monthly. They also have Sahara (for Catwa) at Designer Showcase, Nina (for Catwa) at their main store, Anais (for Catwa) at Designer Circle, Tara (for Catwa) at Applique, and Mandy (for Catwa) at their main store location.

sania skin fair add .__WoW Skins__. Giulia catwa bento Applier Nesima skin fair add exclusive SAHARA CATWA APP.jpg .__WoW Skins__. Nina catwa applier NEW VERS. __wow-skins__-anais-catwa-bento-applier-new-version __wow-skins__-tara-catwa-bento-appl __wow-skins__-mandy-catwa-bento-applier

VYC – released Daniel (for Catwa) at Skin Fair.


Mignonne – released Rosie (for Catwa) at Skin Fair.

Mignonne Rosie

Rojo – released Europe (for Catwa, Omega, SLink Visage, and TMP) at Skin Fair.

Rojo Europa

Belleza – released Isabelle (for Catwa) at Skin Fair.

belleza isabelle

Atelier Pepe – released Alexa, Jin, Natasha, and Vera (for Catwa) at Skin Fair.

32426480074_1fddd322c6_o 33114041142_a340f6df09_o 33141434911_bfb6192ae2_o 33142537871_94022f00a6_o

Belviso – released Emma (for Catwa), Madlynn (for Akeruka), and Lily (for Lelutka) at Skin Fair.

32832831360_f3ec9f67fa_o 32829585040_e208aa4ecc_o Belviso Lily

Amara Beauty – released Antonia (for Catwa) at Skin Fair.

amara beauty skin fair.png

YS&YS -released Kirsten (for Lelutka), Cherry (for Catwa), and Elena (for Lelutka) at Skin Fair.

YSYS Cherry YSYS elena YSYS Kirsten

Modulus – released Dimas, Jae-Sun, and Rocky (for Catwa) at Skin Fair.


Adam & Eve – released Rose and Ella (for Omega, Lelutka, and System) at Skin Fair.

adam and eve adam and eve ella

LURE – released Emily and Rebecca (for Catwa, TMP, Lelutka, Logo, Omega, and SLink) at Skin Fair.

lure emily  LURE_ Rebecca Skin Preview

DS’ELLES – reelased Katrina (for Lelutka) and Andrea (for LAQ) at Skin Fair.

dselles andrea dselles katrina

Izzie’s – released Erin (for Catwa) at Skin Fair.

Izzie's - Catwa Applier (Erin)

Forty Two – released Calliope (for Catwa, Lelutka, Omega, and SLink) at Skin Fair.


Deluxe Body Factory – released Natsumi (for Catwa) at Skin Fair.


Stix – released Vera and Romana (for Catwa, Genesis, Lelutka, Omega, TMP, and System) at Skin Fair.

Stix - Romana Ad (exclusive 1) Stix ~ Vera Ad

Ooh-la-licious – released Naavah (for Catwa) at Skin Fair

Oohlala Sassoon - Naavah Portrait - by Satomi Masukami

League – released Amaia (for Lelutka) at Skin Fair.


ItGirls – released Sui (for Lelutka) and Rosa (for Catwa) at Skin Fair.

33147623532_fc029e43f2_o 33167720292_72e5afba97_o

Fallen Gods – released Draco for both males and females at Skin Fair.

Draco vs Scales, male preview +Fallen Gods Inc. SKINFAIR17Draco vs Scales, female preview +Fallen Gods Inc. SKINFAIR17

Lelutka – released Cate, a new bento head at Skin Fair.


AbFab – released Atria (for Catwa and Omega) at Skin Fair.

abfab atria.png

The Skinnery – released Devon and (for Catwa) Marco (for Akeruka) at Skin Fair.

[theSkinnery] Devon (Catwa Applier) Ad [theSkinnery] Marco (Akeruka Cole Applier) Ad

Imabee – released Atara (for Lelutka) and Danae (for Catwa) at Skin Fair.

imabee atara.png

31581966864_7a211d16c2_o (1)

Swallow – released Martin and Suicide Jok3r (fro Catwa) at Skin Fair.

^^Swallow^^Sucide Jok3r Catwa Male Applier Bento and Non-Bento ^^Swallow^^ Martin Catwa Male Applier Bento and Non-Bento

7 Deadly s{K}ins – released Cashew, Wednesday, and Mali at Skin Fair.

promo-POSTER-Wednesday promo-POSTER-Cashew promo-POSTER-Mali

DeeTaleZ – released Doutzen II and Laciana (for Catwa) and Claudia (for Lelutka) at Skin Fair.

33220555191_4a82128844_b 33184632471_07566056db_b 33271683036_1206d05879_b

PXL – released Ava (for Lelutka) at Skin Fair.

pxl ava

Bold and Beauty – released Evan and Keith (for Catwa) and Bella (for Lelutka) at Skin Fair.


Labyrinth – released Tylar (for Catwa) at Skin Fair.

-Labyrinth- 'Tylar' Catwa Applier [lDaniel' Bento] Advert

Birth – released Freya (for Catwa) at Skin Fair.

_Birth_ Freya Catwa (Catlyn Bento) Applier Advert

Glam Affair – released Reya and Clary (for Catwa) at Collabor88 and Cate and Amaya (for Lelutka) at Skin Fair.

Glam Affair - Collabor88Glam Affair ' Skinfair 2017Nivaro – Anton for Catwa at Skin Fair.

-Nivaro- 'Anton' Catwa Applier (Daniel_bento) Advert

E. Vary – released Niara (for Genesis Lab) and Aloy (for Catwa) at their main store location.

Niara Skin for #EvaBento Aloy Skin

Avenge – released Debrah (for Lelutka) at The Crossroads and Natalia, Wen, and Liam (for Catwa) at Skin Fair.

Debrah skin applier for Lelutka Natalia skin for Catwa Wen skin for Catwa Liam skin applier for Catwa

That’s the skinny, Skinnies! I hope you enjoyed this week’s weekly roundup. Don’t be afraid to try a new look and see yourself in a new way.

❤ (multi)Muse

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Hello Skinnies! It is that time of the week again. But this week is extra special for all of our skin addicts, because Skin Fair opened. Most of the new releases this week can all be found at Skin Fair. Because of this at the end of the post are the maps and the landmarks to the two sim locations.


Avenge – released three Catwa appliers at Skin Fair. Layla and Angel for the ladies and Joshua for the dudes.

[Avenge] Layla skin [Avenge] Angel skin [Avenge] Joshua skin for Catwa

Gauze – released Chronicle at Skin Fair.


Belleza – released Lianne with Catwa appliers at The Liaison Collaborative. They also releaed the lovely Julia with Lelukta appliers at Skin Fair.

25468772812_08aa4dbf6b_o belleza skin fair

Izzie’s – Released the Anya skin and the Anne skin with LOGO appliers at Skin Fair.

Izzie's - Anya Skin Izzie's - LOGO Alex Applier (Anne)

AE – releaed Rebecca and Julia at Skin Fair for the ladies and Oliver (no preview provided) for the gents.

25507119121_e23dc10a18_b 25629460175_072b9d2b09_b

LURE– released Hana and Victoria at Skin Fair.

LURE_ Hana Preview LURE_ Victoria Preview

WoW Skins– released Yasmine at Skin Fair.

wow yasmine

7 Deadly s{K}ins – has two March group gifts available Merle and Matt.They also released Cybil at Designer Circle and Sascha at Makeover Room. They also released Ymke, Babet, Judas, and Gabriel at Skin Fair.

MERLE-def-POSTER Matt Poster Cybil-POSTER Sascha-poster-DEF

Ymke-SPECIAl-offer-POSTER Babet-OMEGA-poster-DEF Judas-stone-applier-PROMO-poster DEF-top-poster-GABRIEL

Stix – released Aoife, Bo, and Chiyo at Skin Fair.

Stix ~ Aoife Skin Fair Ad Stix ~ Bo Skin Fair Ad Stix ~ Chiyo Skin Fair Ad

Ooh-la-licious – released Ajaya at Skin Fair.

Ooh-la-licious Skins - Ajaya Vanilla Ad Ooh-la-licious Skins - Ajaya Godiva Ad

Mudskin – released Kira, Lia, and Yum at Skin Fair.

Kira ad Lia ad Yum ad

alterego – released Yvette at Skin Fair. No preview provided.

DeeTaleZ – released Kisha, Kim and Kanita as Catwa appliers, Kisha as a Lelutka applier, and Kemina as a Logo applier at Skin Fair.

deetalez standard deetalez catwa

deetalez logo and lelutka

LoveMe Skins – released Piper, Phoebe, and Paige at Skin Fair.

LoveMe Skins - Piper Skin LoveMe Skins - Phoebe Skin LoveMe Skins - Paige Skin

la petite morte – released Minka with Lelutka at Skin Fair.

25400740461_03e69a62ae_o (1)

Shine – released Lelu Sensual, Sensitive, and Harlem at Skin Fair.

shin 1 shin 2 shin 3

Imabee – released Charlotte at Skin Fair.

imabee charlotte

Fallen Gods – released TAO at Skin Fair.

TAO classics +Fallen Gods Inc. TAO elements +Fallen Gods Inc.

Lumae – released Eirtae in both natural and fantasy tones at Skin Fair.

24883789944_3cb929b01a_o 25053027103_99366136a5_o

League – released Aria for SLink Visage at Skin Fair.


YS&YS – released Grace, Bella, &Xiao at Skin Fair.

ad_grace ad_bella

Swallow – released Miriam as a Lelutka applier, Lucy for LOGO/Omega, and Simon Senior and Junior for TMP at Skin Fair.

^^Swallow^^ MIRIAM ^LELUTKA Mesh Head Applier^  ^^Swallow^^ LUCY ^LOGO_Omega Mesh Head Applier^ ^^Swallow^^ SIMON SENIOR ^TMP Mesh Head Applier^ ^^Swallow^^ SIMON JUNIOR ^TMP Mesh Head Applier^

TheSkinnery – released Celine and Grace as Catwa and Logo appliers at Skin Fair.

theskinnery celine theskinnery grace

Nivaro – released Griffin at Skin Fair.

-Nivaro- Griffin Skin Advert

Labyrinth – released Fox at Skin Fair.

-Labyrinth- Fox Skin Advert

Elysium – released Candace at Skin Fair. No preview provided.

Akeruka – released the Julia mesh head at their mainstore location.


Glam Affair – released Triss in Jaimaica at The Liaison Collaborative, Livia Catwa appliers at Collabor88, and Jin Lelutka appliers at Skin Fair.

Glam Affair - Triss Jamaica @ TLC Glam Affair - Livia skin appliers ( Catwa Heads ) - Collabor88 Glam Affair - Jin skin appliers for LeLutka (skinfair)


As promised, your Skin Fair details:

SKIN FAIR 2016 MAP - SIM 1 - 1024.png

SKIN FAIR 2016 MAP - SIM 2 - 1024.png

…and that is the skinny, Skinnies!

Remember, you can get these notices in group and have access to one of the most helpful groups in SL and their knowledge base by joining the Skin Addiction group in world for free. https://app/group/254db099-7966-1350-5766-c977fb2da5b3/about

Have fun skinning!

<3 Muse


Skinnies! We have another weekly roundup for you to enjoy. Don’t forget that Skin Fair opens this week with early access for all Skin Addicts members. Enjoy a bit of lazy shopping before the event all right here.


Avenge – Released Ares appliers for both the TMP and the Adam head at their mainstore location. They also released Rhea for Catwa.

Avenge Ares TMP PROMO Avenge Ares Promo ADAM mesh head [Avenge] Catwa_Rhea_ivory_vendor

Soul – is offering Emmanuel and Emma Cypher at the Multiverse Event.

Soul - Emmanuel Cypher SE Soul - Emma Cypher SE

alterego – Released Lucine and Moxie at Whore Couture.

lucine pigment chart moxie pigment chart

Mudskin – Release Cutie and a new gacha skin at their mainstore location.

25408019936_62fb9d1d48_o 24891040433_1745654975_o

7 Deadly s{K}ins – has two March group gifts available Merle and Matt.They also released Julya at Designer Circle and Sascha at Makeover Room.

MERLE-def-POSTER Matt Poster Julya-for-MP Sascha-poster-DEF

Deesses Boutique – Released Ingrid as a Catwa applier at Whore Couture.

Deesses Boutique_ Ingrid ~CATWA~

Nivaro – Released Lucius at their new mainstore lcoation.

-Nivaro- Lucus [2nd Gen Skin] Advert

Ohh-la-licious – Released Giovanni and Shahira at their mainstore location.

Ooh-la-licious Giovanni Ad - Omega Mesh Head Appliers Ooh-la-licious Shahira - Godiva Omega Ad


…and that is the skinny, Skinnies!

Remember, you can get these notices in group and have access to one of the most helpful groups in SL and their knowledge base by joining the Skin Addiction group in world for free. https://app/group/254db099-7966-1350-5766-c977fb2da5b3/about

Have fun skinning!

<3 Muse


Happy um..Sunday, Skinnies! I’m getting later and later. Someone needs to micromanage me. I’m sorry for the delay but without further ado is your Skin Addiction Weekly Roundup,  keeping you lazy and skinned.

Ooh-la-licious – Released Candy Girl in twelves skin tones at The 24.

Ooh-la-licious Skins - Candy Girl Honey Ad

WoW Skins – Released Fatma V2 at their mainstore location and Diva V2 at The 24.

.__WoW Skins__. V2 Fatma .__WoW Skins__. V2 Diva

la petite morte – Released Lelutka and Genesis appliers for Maja at The Body Modification Expo.


Angelica – released Yoon-a at The Kawaii Project.


Deesses Boutique – Released limited edition Chyna at their mainstore location.

Deesses Boutique_ Chyna _LIMITED EDITION_ Skin

Mudskin – Released the Bambi gacha at Kustom9.


October’s 4Seasons – Released Alisha in Blossom at her mainstore location.

O4S - Alisha Blossom Advertisement

alterego – Released Lydia for the Saving Sight Fundraiser benefiting xJETx Chrome the owner of DeadPool.

[ae] lydia - vendor

Essences – Released Amelie at Cosmopolitan and the TMP head installer at The Body Modificaiton Expo, but the Amelie gacha at Cosmetic Fair. They also have released Ariel at Kustom9.

Essences - Amelie - Cosmopolitan Essences - Amelie (The Mesh Project) Essences - Ariel - Kustom9

Also, you can get these notices in group and have access to one of the most helpful groups in SL and their knowledge base by joining the Skin Addiction group in world for free. Skin Addiction

Don’t forget! If you miss an opportunity to visit one of the events listed below, before they close, you can  stop by the main store locations to see if the releases will be an in store item afterwards.

That is all for this week Skinnies! I’ll be here next week with more skin news.

Happy Skinning!

Muse <3

Round up, April 3rd through April 9th

Hello, skin addicts! I have another week of skins to feed your addiction from April 3rd through the 9th. Don’t forget! If you missed the release at an event, check the main store to see if the releases are there.

7 Deadly s{K}ins – David and Stefanie V1 and V2 are group gifts for Easter, but require you to go to the store and hatch an egg on a nest. Skins Damien, Faith, and Temperance originally released at Skin Fair are now at the main store. Elijah and Presley are available at The Rock Attitude Fair. There is a new limited release skin, only twenty will be sold, at the main store named Julian. Going Bust skin Cindy has been released. The fourth box of Elijah is now available in the main store. Bonniie was released at Designer Showcase. Marina has been released for a new round of [B]-Unique, which takes place at the main store. Gwen was released for Hello Tuesday! Robyn is at Feeb’s Rascals, Bregie is at Lubbly Jubblies, and Deanna at Room69.

David-easter-camp-posterHappy-Easter-Stefanie-v1Happy-Easter-Stefanie-v2-posterSTORE-POSTER-DAMIENFAITH-Store-Poster-CaramelTemperance-Store-PosterRock-Attitude-ELIJAH-posterRock-Attitude-Presley-posterJulian7 Deadly s{K}ins - Going-Bust-Cindy-POSTERElijah-box-4-FATPACK-posterElijah-BOX-4-cotton-posterElijah-BOX-4-caramel-posterElijah-BOX-4-taupe-posterElijah-BOX4-Walnut-posterDS-Bonnie-poster[B]-Unique-MarinaRoom-69-Gwen-PosterFeeb's-Robyn-PosterDS-DEANNA-poster

Bad@zz – Released new skin Game at their main store.

New Male Bad@zz skin _Game_

Dyversatile Skins – Released Chardae, limited to 100 copies, at their main store location.

Limited ChardaeLimited Chardae2Limited Chardae3Limited Chardae4

Mudskin – Released My Ugly Doll at The Chapter Four. Ria was released at the Cosmopolitan Showroom.

MY UGLY DOLL_ad2Ria_adRia_ad2Ria_makeup chart1Ria_makeup chart2



Belleza – Tess skin now available at the main store.  Photo unavailable.

Lumae – Jewel and Adore are now available at a discount at We ♥ RP this round. Different versions of Adore are now available at the mainstore, Big Boobie Babes Freebies, and FabFree HQ as gifts!

Lumae - Jewel - PriestessLumae - Jewel - Priestess Makeup OptionsLumae - Adore - PriestessLumae - Adore - Priestess Makeup OptionsLumae - Adore - Quirk Tone 1 & 5 Lumae GGLumae - Adore - Quirk Tone 2 & 6 BBBF GiftLumae - Adore - Quirk Tone 3 & 7 SLF&O GGLumae - Adore - Quirk Tone 4 & 8 FabFree GG


PXL Creations – Released Aurora at We ♥ RP.

[PXL] Aurora preview

LoveMe Skins – New group gift named Leslie for April at mainstore location. Exclusive skin, Dawn, released at the Makeover Room.

LoveMe Skins - April Group Gift - LeslieLoveMe Skins - Dawn Skin [MakeOver Room]

Nivaro – Released new skin Artie at the main store.

-Nivaro- Artie Advert

Ooh-la-licious – Released the Shahira collection at their main store.

Ooh-la-licious Shahira - Teaser AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Vanilla AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Peaches & Cream AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Honey AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Caramel AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Amaretto AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Mocha AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Cocoa AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Brown Sugar AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Chocolate AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Espresso AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Godiva AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Lip Gloss Options 1 - Sydd SinisterOoh-la-licious Shahira - Bare_Nude Lip Options - Sydd SinisterOoh-la-licious Shahira - Skin Tones 1 - Sydd SinisterOoh-la-licious Shahira - Skin Tones 2 - Sydd SinisterOoh-la-licious Shahira - Nadja Baxter Promo - #TheMeshProject 4Ooh-la-licious Shahira - Nadja Baxter Promo - #TheMeshProject 1Ooh-la-licious Shahira - Nadja Baxter Promo - #TheMeshProject 2Ooh-la-licious Shahira - Nadja Baxter Promo - #TheMeshProject 3


Ruby Skins – Released Phoebe at the Makeover Room. Photo unavailable.

AlterEgo – Released the Kensi collection at AnyBody.

[AE] Kensi Collection [Powder]


YS&YS – Released Edith and Viola at their new mainstore.


DeeTaleZ – Released Brianna at The 100 Block.


..and that is the round-up for this week.  Enjoy your weekend, wherever you may be, and happy skin shopping!








Round Up, Mar 27th to Apr 2nd

Hi skin lovers.  Let’s see what’s happened in the weeks Mar 27 to Apr 2. * If you miss an opportunity to visit one of the events listed below, before they close, don’t forget to stop by the main store locations to see if the releases will be an in store item afterwards.*

[ iren ] – New skin out now at The Makeover Room.
Jolie @ The Makeover Room

::Modish:: – New Zahra skin available now at the main store.
Zahra_skins out in store !

Belleza – Beth skin line now in a full release at the main store. See the picture preview HERE on their Flickr.

AKERUKA – Meg V3 now released in the main store.

meg v3 vendor

7 Deadly s{K}ins – New April group gifts out for guys and girls.

April-Group-guys-POSTER Group-Skin-GIRLS-april-2015-poster

The Skin You’re In! – Claire, Cloe, Emma and Heather released in the main store.  All with cleavage or no cleavage options.

TSYI! Claire St T1 TSYI! Cloe Cl T4 TSYI! Emma Cl T5 TSYI! Heather Cl T1

Lumae – Adore – Daydreamer skin available for Lazy Sunday.  Pick up Adore – Quirk as a group gift at the main store.  One for Lumae group members, for SLF&O group members and for Fabulously Free in SL group members.  You can also find one at the Big Boobie Babes HQ free for group members.  Eliana skin available through the Femboy hunt.

Lumae - Femboy Hunt Prize - Eliana -NebulaLumae - Adore - Daydreamer Lazy Sunday Lumae - Adore - Quirk Tone 1 & 5 Lumae GG Lumae - Adore - Quirk Tone 2 & 6 BBBF Gift Lumae - Adore - Quirk Tone 3 & 7 SLF&O GG Lumae - Adore - Quirk Tone 4 & 8 FabFree GG

Style by Kira – new Tibby skin available at the main store free for SLF&O group members.

Tibby Skin Ad SLF&O

Ooh-la-licious – New Shahira skin available in the main store.

Ooh-la-licious Shahira - Teaser Ad

LOUX – London limited edition skin released.

LOUX London limited - 499L

RUBY Skins – V3 Leah and Julia now out in the main store.  Phoebe skin released for The Makeover Room.

Julia3portrait Leah3portrait Phoebe3MORaprilVendor

LoveMe Skins – Dawn skin released at The Makeover Room.  Reagan, Ashley and Jessica now available at the main store.

LoveMe Skins - Dawn Skin [MakeOver Room] LoveMe SKins - Skin FairFlyer

.::WoW::. Skins – Pandora skin available at The Makeover Room.  Magda skin available at the Ohlala event. Mona skin available at the Designers Limited event.  Sidney skin available at the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair.  Zahra skin available for free through the Easter Egg hunt at the main store.

MonaPandora add magda skin add.__WoW Skins__. Sidney.__WoW Skins__. Zahra

Flounce – Scarlet, Mara and Sera available at the Makeover Room

Poster-Mara Poster-Scarlett Poster-Sera

Izzie’s – Romy skin now available in the main store and new group gift out now.

Izzie's - Romy Skin Izzie's - VIP Group Gift April 2015 (Romy Skin porcelain)

That’s it for this weeks round-up.  Enjoy your weekend, wherever you may be, and happy skin shopping.

<3 Rors

Skin Addiction