Weekly Roundup – February 13th through 19th

Hello again, Skinnies! A new week of skin releases are right here for your viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy your new face and lighter wallet! <3

New Releases:

WoW Skins – released Mandy (for Catwa) at Designer Circle and Tara at Appliqué. And they still have Cinthia (for Catwa) at Love Interruption Event, Faith (for Catwa) at The Chapter Four and Zaki (for Catwa) at Appliqué.

__wow-skins__-mandy-catwa-bento-applier __wow-skins__-tara-catwa-bento-appl __wow-skins__-cinthia-catwa-bento-applier __wow-skins__-faith-bento-catwa-applier __wow-skins__-zaki-2016-catwa-appl

Modulus – released Griff and Ty (for Catwa) at their main store location.

modulus-griff  modulus-ty

Modish – released GiGi (for Catwa) at their main store location.


E. Vary – released Mika and Nelly (for Lelutka) at their main store location.

mika-skin-6-tones e-vary-nelly-skin-6-tones

Sessions – released Jewel (for Catwa) at their main store location.


Elysium – released Ana (for Lelutka) at Tres Chic.


Labyrinth – released Tylar (for Catwa) at Shiny Shabby and Drew (for Catwa) at the main store location.

labyrinth-tylar-catwa-applier-ss-exclusive-version-advert labyrinth-drew-skin-applier-catwa-head-justin

Deluxe Body Factory – released Anouk (for Catwa) at Twe12ve.


Sales, Offers, and Group Gifts:

WoW Skins – released a new group gift, Preziosa.


That’s the skinny, Skinnies! I hope you enjoyed this week’s weekly roundup. Don’t be afraid to try a new look and see yourself in a new way.

❤ (multi)Muse

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