Nuve – Hannah Skin/Eyebrows/Eyeshadows/Lipstick – Lelutka Evo X/AK ADVX

Check out our new exclusives for the Anthem event.
Made with love for Lelutka Evo X, also compatible with AK ADVX

– Brows & Browless face
– Basic body skin v 2 (universal fit)
– Tintable eyeliners
– Skin tinter
– shape for Lelutka Evo X Avalon

HD or BOM version, 6 colors (Tintable)
BOM version in 14 presets and 2 gray colors (tintable)
HD or BOM version, 14 presets and 2 gray colors (tintable)


Skin Fair 2022 – Final Weekend

Today marks the last weekend for Skin Fair 2022. Below you can find all the links required to have the optimal shopping experience!

You can check out the shopping guide here!  If you join the inworld group, Juniper Events, you can also grab demos to try on in the comfort of your home before shopping!

Skin Fair is presented by LeLUTKA and Juniper Events.

 Visit the North Sim

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SLURLs to Participating Designers




LEXA MILAN SKIN LEL EVOX  March 11th to March 28th

This skin is inspired by lip fillers, it includes:

♥Skin with natural lips

♥Medium lip filler skin

♥Strong lip filler skin

♥Lexa – Milan Neck Blend (exclusive for milan skin)

♥Lexa – Universal Neck Blend (Tintable)

♥2 shapes Avalon (legacy and ebody)

♥Browless Option

♥Eyebrow Shape



♥After Event:

These skins are compatible with any body skin from other stores (light to medium tones)

Adele Skin/Eyebrows/Lip tint – Lelutka Evo X

Hi everyone ♥

Check out our new exclusives for Anthem event. Y’all, I hope you’re in love the same way I am ♥

Adele skin (photographed in sunkissed skin tone on Lelutka Evo X Avalon):
– Brows & Browless face
– Basic body skin v 2 (universal fit)
– Skin tinter (cooling filter) to tone down saturation or tint the skin
– shape

Tintable eyebrows and Lip tint are sold as fat packs separately


Gloom. – Weekly Sale

For this SoKawaiiSundays I made a new skin for Lelutka users ! Comes with 11 Gloom Skintones, 7 Velour and 4 Nexus Icon ! (+ a shape for inez ;D)And putting one of the coolest collection on the weekend too !

MAZE – Emma skin for EvoX at Orsy!

Preview of Emma in Skintone 02.

Hello 🙂 my name is Teia Ravenhurst, I publish skins under the store named Maze, and this is my first post at Skin Addiction! Thanks Voshie for inviting me!

Emma is my latest skin designed for Lelutka EvoX. She comes in 3 light skintones with a fatpack available at a 33% discount! She consists of Bakes on Mesh (BOM) layers only. This is what you would be getting if you purchased her:

  • Tattoo layers of Emma with and without eyebrows, complete with a neckfix so you can use her face with other brands’ bodies
  • Skin layers with Maze’s body skin, currently customized for Legacy, Maitreya, Slink & Belleza
  • Body shape & eyebrow shape that I used in the advertisement image.

She is currently available at Orsy Event!

If you want to check out more of my skins, please visit my Flickr, or my inworld store.

Have fun shopping! With love,

Teia ♥


A lot of makeups now available @ StaySexy event:

With the advent of the new Lelutka heads and the updates to EvoX also for the remaining Evo line, the main focus remains fashion. And what’s better for having a wonderful adventure in the most larger digital universe? A good makeup !! take a trip to StaySexy and until September 14 you will find my discounted products ♥

If you want to come to visit my InWorld store just jump here:

A little closeup of the discounted products:

Crystal skin – LeL Evo X

Hello my darlings ♥

Crystal skin Evo X update is finally here! That’s not all, you can buy it in our flash sale ♥

Flash sale – April 16, 00:00 am SLT – April 18, 11:59 pm SLT
Single pack 99L$
Fat Pack 450L$


Crystal BOM skin, BOM tintable eyebrows. Skin was photographed on Lelutka Evo X Avalon, Eyebrows were photographed on Lelutka Evo Lilly.

Skin single pack full version:
✓ 3 Skin tones (5 packs + Fat pack available for purchase – Nordic, Light, Medium, Tan, Dark)
✓ Face – eyebrows and browless version
✓ Body skin
✓ Hide nipples option (to be able to wear nipples from your body HUD or 3rd party BOM nipples
✓ Nipple fix for Maitreya body (the body comes with Legacy nipples by default)
✓ Shape for Lelutka Evolution Fleur
✓ Eyebrows shape

Eyebrows contents:
✓ Black eyebrows version + 5 tintable colors
✓ Eyebrow shaper for Evo X

New skin for Lelutka heads – Spicy Bodyshop

Hi gorgeous ♥

Yes, it’s been a long time, I know. I’m sorry, I had some difficulties in RL I had to deal with, however I’m slowly but surely coming back and I’m starting with new skin.
Meet “Maddie” my new beauty for Lelutka. As you can see, it’s Maddie 1 & 2. It’s very important to try the right skin for your head. Skin is the same, the difference is I adjusted them for new and older heads.

Maddie 1 is adjusted for Line 1 Lelutka heads (old):
Chloe, Simone, May, Greer, Cate, Spencer.

Maddie 2 is adjusted for Line 2 Lelutka heads (new):
Aida, Korina, Piper, Vera and possibly upcoming heads.

Each pack is available for the killer Halloween price 299L$ at the Makeover Room event.
Skins will be available at the mainstore for a full price.
Please, always test DEMO first!

Single pack: 3 skin tones, 4 eyebrow versions + browless version, shapes, basic Omega body applier, 3 Hairbases + 1 tintable (NEW), eyebrow shaper

Fat pack: 12 skin tones, 4 eyebrow versions + browless version, 3 shapes, basic Omega body applier, 3 Hairbases + 1 tintable (NEW), eyebrow shaper

* System layers included. Please, note that system layers are intended for bakes on mesh, not system bodies.


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