.::WoW Skins::. AT FASHION FOR LIFE 2015 – MILAN

Charlize copia

This year we are part of the Fashion for Life fair, Milan Sim, and we have a new and exclusive skin for you, all profit 100% will go to the American Cancer Society. But lets see what you will get with this skin package, skin with cleavage option in 5 different skin tones, Milk, Tan, Bronze, Darktan and golden. The skin come in a natural look, but we also made an exclusive set of make up for her:

eyeliner pack

Eyeliner pack is sold separate, contain 4 different and soft eyeliners in tattoo layers that you can use with our Charlize skin or with any other skin you want, and of course all profit is 100% as well to American Cancer Society.

Lipstick pack

Same for the Lipstick pack, which contain 6 different colors in tattoo layers, and in 2 versions. Demo for the skin is available.

The Fashion for life fair will open to day 21 March at 10AM SLT Take the taxi: FASHION FOR LIFE 2015

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