Curious Kitties [Fantasy Fuzz] New Silvery Skins

Curious Kitties Fantasy Fuzz Skins

Nor Skin – Poison Diamonds – L$800 Marketplace

Today Curious Kitties (recently opened) purely fantasy themed extension shop “Curious Kitties Fantasy Fuzz” is proud to announce a new makeup “Poison Diamonds” for the fantasy-only “Nor” skin line.

This new line includes a free ear skin tone HUD within each package to match any of the elf/orc/animal ears within the new extension shop with just one touch.

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Curious Kitties Standard Skins
Azil Skin – Crystal Diamond – L$800 Marketplace

In addition to the new fantasy skins, Curious Kitties main shop ( 2004 ~ present) is regularly updating its 2010 “Azil” skin line.
The latest makeup “Crystal Diamond” [November 6, 2010] can be found in the skins/body section.

Note: There is a free package of skin HUDs at =^.^= Curious Kitties Fantasy Fuzz

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